25 Weed Rap Superlatives For Hip-Hop 50

From the best cannabis rappers to songs about selling weed, we celebrate the most high hip-hop

I still work as a journalist covering cannabis, but my days of reporting on hip-hop full-time for Boston publications and national magazines like the Source are behind me. It’s for good reason; while I actively embrace new music by veteran artists and enthusiastically seek out up and coming talents with newfangled styles, I don’t think anyone should have to listen to what a 40-plus guy who barely goes to shows anymore has to say on these matters. 

But when it comes to cannabis and hip-hop together, I still have something to offer. And I’m credentialed, having written liner notes for weed gods Cypress Hill, as well as for Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, and other icons, as well as such Pulitzer puff-worthy pieces as the viral oral history of Redman’s episode of Cribs. And yes, I’ve smoked blunts with many great MCs, but more importantly, as a rap and cannabis fanatic first and foremost, I have always stockpiled clever weed references and anthems.

Before we proceed with the task at hand, I want to recognize that all lists are subjective nonsense, including this one. Who’s to say what’s best, anyway? But unlike the AI-generated compendiums I’ve seen on this topic and lists written by interns who are learning by Googling on the job, I’ve been working on these canna rap superlatives for 30 years. Without further ado, here’s my small infused contribution to Hip-Hop 50.

Best Hip-Hop Weed Act (Duo): Red + Meth

Best Hip-Hop Weed Act (Solo): Tie: Snoop, Smoke DZA, Devin The Dude

Greatest Hip-Hop Weed Act (Group): Cypress Hill

Best Weed Rap Collective: Kottonmouth Kings

Best Hip-Hop Weed Act (Regional): DJ Slim

Funniest Weed Rapper: Afroman

Best Rap Song About Weed By An Artist Who Doesn’t Mostly Rap About Weed: Tie: “Blueberry Yum-Yum” (Ludacris), “Cheeba Cheeba” (Tone-Loc), “Take Two And Pass” (Gang Starr)

Most Slept On Stoner Rapper: Son Doobie

Most Tragically Slept On Weed Rap Song: Tie: “Rollin’” (Marco Polo, A.G., Juju, Sadat X), “Tommy Chong” (Blue Scholars feat. Macklemore), “Fo’eva Blunted” (Nine)

Best Rapper Weed Brand: Tie: Berner (Cookies), B-Real (Dr. GreenThumb’s), Cappadonna (Cappachino)

Greatest Rap Song About Weed: Tie: “I Got 5 On It” (Luniz), “Mad Izm” (Channel Live), “Good Times” (Styles P), “Stoned Is the Way of the Walk” (Cypress Hill), “How High (Original Version)” (Red + Meth)

Best Reggae Rap Song About Weed: “The Traffic Jam” (Stephen Marley feat. Damian Marley)

Best Rap Line About Weed: “Watch the minister climb up / Filling in the atmosphere / Like cannabis, and if it’s activating me / Believe I’m captivating heat plus I’m decapitating three emcees / With my ax like Terrax’s / Practice allows me to receive information like faxes” (Pharoahe Monch on “Metal Thangz”)

Best Rap Song About Selling Weed: Tie: “Ganja Smuggling” (Wise Intelligent), “Bob Hope” (Super Chron Flight Brothers)

Toughest Rap Song About Weed: Tie: “Sour Deez” (N.B.S. & Snowgoons), “40 & A Blunt” (Das EFX)

Best Underground Rap Song About Weed: Tie: “Groundhogs Day” (Billy Woods), “The Weed Spot” (Hectic & Myster DL feat. Ruste Juxx)

Most Prosopopoeiacious (aka Best Hip-Hop Song From The Perspective Of Weed): “The Highest Commitment” (Qwel)

Smartest Rap Song About Not Smoking Weed: “Weededed” (Lootpack)

Best Non-US Rap Song About Weed: “Herbaholics” (Phi Life Cypher)

Best Hip-Hop Weed Movie: Tie: “How High”, “Friday”, “The Wackness”

Most Critical Hip-Hop Weed Instructional: “How To Roll A Blunt” (Redman)

Slickest Weed References: Nas

Best Weed + Hip-Hop Album Cover: “The Chronic” (Dr. Dre)

Most Enduring Weed Rap Label: Suburban Noize

Best 2020s Rap Song About Weed: “High Today” (Wiz Khalifa feat. Logic)