A Dozen Prerolls, Three Stoners, And A Notebook 

From Dosi Pie to Strawberry Gary and Cadillac Rainbowz, we had our work cut out for us

There have been times in the past when we consumed excellent cannabis products that we meant to review but forgot or were too lazy to record any notes. Whether you smoke, vape, dab, or dine, you can probably relate.

But on the heels of last week’s Flower Expo, we wanted to be sure to get the word out about some goods that we grabbed—starting with prerolls. So soon after our return from Greenfield, three of us sat down with a bucket of joints and a pile of pizza and got to puffing. 

The corresponding comments reflect our enthusiasm for these particular selections and provide a window into just how stoned we got (all of us took notes, while one of us finessed everyone’s ramblings into the blurbs below; it was semi-blind in that two of us only knew the names of the strains, not the manufacturers while giving comments). We started with close to 20 joints, but weeded out the weaklings. Without further ado … 

Banana Puddintain (Legends by 4Front)

“It’s harsh but not in a bad way; it’s more like how whiskey just tastes like it’s going to get you more wasted than beer.”

“Sorry, I can’t get past the strain name on this one. Solid smokin’ though.”

Dosi Pie (CommCan)

“I could see myself burning one or two of these every night before bed.”

“Yes, this is tasty weed for watching television.”

Busta Lhymes (House of Cultivar)

“If I didn’t know this was a Zkittlez cross I swear to god I’d know this was a Zkittlez cross. Outstanding.”

“Sign me up for 10 more of these. Big clouds, no lung burden, and taste for days.”

Cherry Garcia (SunFlower No. 9 Collection)

“Crisp and clean a daytime dream.”

“This is the kind of joint that I can smoke in the morning, afternoon, or right before bed. It’s not killing my lungs but packs a bunch of punch and sweetness too.”

ATF (Terp Stix by 4Front)

“Let’s call these half-gram joints infused with crystal clear distillate what they really are—Alaskan Thunder Fuck. Because wow, this is doing dab-level damage to me.”

“This one is a shorty and is like a surprise party in your mouth that all your taste buds are invited to and when the terp parade departs you’ll still have lots to savor from your noggin to your taster.”

Bananagrande (Neighborgoods by MassGrow)

“I pulled dry hits off this one for 20 minutes until finally realizing that it reminds me of fresh-brewed Lipton iced tea mixed with sugar, chilled, and served over ice like my mom used to make it.”

Lemon Cherry Gelato (Nature’s Heritage by MariMed)

“This is the kind of joint that you break out to impress a friend or stoner relative, a bouquet of semi-sweetness I would pair with any fine dessert.”

“I don’t always believe manufacturers when they say that they use fresh flower for their prerolls, but with this one, I am a believer.”

Mango Super Silver Haze (M-80 by Pioneer Valley Cannabis Company)

“This is the only joint I’ve ever smoked that came with instructions on how to light it. I followed them and what do ya know, I got extremely fucked up!”

“This one got me as high as a dab [Ed. note: it’s infused with kief and oil and has a 46.32% TAC, if you’re keeping tabs]. There, I said it. Looking forward to trying the other strains. No wonder people go out of their way for these sticks.”

Strawberry Gary (Limited by Bountiful Farms)

“Not just sneaky and delicious but also the rare full-gram joint you can pull on from start to finish without the slightest foul or ashy taste coating your tongue, roof, and tonsils. A nice dessert that won’t cloud up or slow down the rest of your evening.”

Cadillac Rainbowz (Morning Dew by MD Cultivars)

“This may be the most delicious tree that I have ever puffed, a mix of mango madness crossed with classic cocoa that seems to be staying with me even now that it’s all gone.”

“One of the tastiest of the bunch and potentially the most powerful too, though it’s hard to say since it’s like my tenth joint.”

G Code (Toast Classic by Commonwealth Alternative Care)

“I thought this one was gonna be a quickie but it burned for 15 minutes. It smoked a bit harsh, but I pulled it slowly and enjoyed some dark delightful earthiness.”

HFCS (253 Farmacy)

“Positively the stickiest uninfused preroll I’ve ever touched. Remember that beautiful goo that would form on the roach of a Philly and get stuck in your teeth? It’s like that. Only tastier.”

“Holy stickiness. Is that why they call this stuff High Fructose Corn Syrup? Whatever it is, you can’t go wrong with candy, and the Zkittlez is ztrong here.”