Berkshire Roots Launching Mass Brand With Heavy Metal Magazine

Image from 1982 Heavy Metal cover by Michael Gross

“They really understood the DNA of the brand and its commitment to enhancing our customer experience in unexpected ways.”

With all eyes on the Massachusetts market this coming weekend with NECANN at the Hynes Convention Center, you can bet that we will hear about a lot of new product launches. Some of which will be attached to big names and ideas.

We are of course suckers for all cool brand partnerships, from Little Steven’s Underground Apothecary by Canna Provisions to cool jock products like Papi Cannabis or Highsman from Ricky Williams. And now we’ve learned that Berkshire Roots is linking with one of the greatest publications of all-time, Heavy Metal, for a new line of pot products in Mass. 

As Celeb Stoner first reported: “the line includes three new flower strains (Strawberry Fritter, Platinum Garlic and Tropicana Banana), prerolls, blunts, vape carts, concentrates and edibles,” while “the packaging features the classic Heavy Metal logo and illustrations.”

“When we were all introduced to Berkshire Roots, we immediately gravitated to the idea of a connection between our brand and cannabis,” Heavy Metal Studios president Tommy Coriale said in a press release. “As conversations with company management went on and Heavy Metal got a glimpse of their follow-up product ideas, we grew increasingly excited as they really understood the DNA of the brand and its commitment to enhancing our customer experience in unexpected ways. We can’t wait to see this product connect to both the long-time fans, and the younger generation who are just getting to know Heavy Metal for the first time.”

“Building on the reputation and consumer loyalty Berkshire Roots has established since it launched, we are now in a position to guide other brands that want to enter the cannabis market and Massachusetts specifically,” Berkshire Roots CEO James Winokur added. “We want to work with unique offerings that set themselves apart in a crowded field. When I first started thinking about the Heavy Metal brand and how creative we could get in our product offerings, I became really passionate about working with the Heavy Metal Entertainment team. I think this model is gamechanging for the industry, and I can’t think of another partnership like this in the cannabis space. Our customers are going to really love this pairing.”

Product sales will begin in Mass on April 1.

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