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By The Numbers: The Year In Mass Cannabis Sales

Despite some setbacks and pain points in the Massachusetts marketplace this past year, there’s still a whole lot of weed and other cannabis products being sold in the Bay State. By one metric that the media latched onto, Adult-use Marijuana Establishments in Massachusetts reached a “milestone by surpassing $5 billion in gross sales on Aug. 31.”

It’s not all good news—the price of a gram of flower in Mass is about to end the year in the toilet, where it has been for months, below the $6 mark. But on the other hand, a lot of grams are getting sold.

For trends, there were things that were expected, like the continued dominance of flower and increasing rise of prerolls, plus multiple micro trends for analysts to overthink. Across the board, infused products are up, which should be no surprise, but again, the devil’s in the details.

Infused beverages were steady at around $15 million, but what’s notable in that realm is a massive jump in the concentrate category, which includes higher-dose products like Chill Medicated that can be slugged whole or mixed into a beverage.

Here’s a giant trove of data, all from the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission, that shows how this year’s sales across the board—in the adult-use market as well as on the medical side—stacked up compared to past years …

Adult-use Marijuana Establishment Sales

Medical Marijuana Treatment Center Year-To-Date and Gross Sales

Monthly Average Cost per 1 Ounce/Gram of Adult-use Cannabis

Adult-use Marijuana Product Distribution

Marijuana Establishment Adult-use Plant Activity and Volume (Monthly Averages)