Check Out Boston Comic Alex Giampapa’s New Stoner Special On YouTube

Plus swing by his latest High Performance show in person this Thursday in Somerville

The last time we spoke with Boston’s leading stoner comic Alex Giampapa about his High Performance shows, he was about to record a new special at one of his comedy company’s clandestine Hub lofts. Naturally, we asked him what the difference was between the weed sets he’s been doing for seven years and traditional barroom shows.

“You have so much material at comedy clubs and such that centers around, Oh, we were so drunk. Or, We went out drinking and did this,” he said. “Whereas when you have a crowd that is smoking cannabis, and the comedians are smoking cannabis, it actually creates a whole different dynamic where I found that I’m able to delve into material that’s more like social commentary, which is really what I’ve always wanted to do.”

And he’s been doing it to an extreme degree. Giampapa’s High Performance special debuted on YouTube on Sept. 15 and already hit more than 5,000 views, while his live shows—including one that Talking Joints Memo is co-sponsoring in Somerville this Thursday—continue to fill smoky rooms around the region.

“It’s obviously bring your own [weed],” he said. “And for people who don’t necessarily wanna smoke, but they’re still interested in sort of, you know, the casual environment, some people will come and [drink], or there are people not smoking or drinking at all, which is cool with me.”

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