Don’t Count Out The AiroPro

A must-have gadget for anyone who is vape curious

There are going to be winners and losers in the business of proprietary vape cartridges.

It’s a tough row beyond the world where casual consumers screw new canisters onto the same old 510 handle they have used since two summers ago (that being the universal-size equipment for distillate and certain other carts, named for having 10 threads measuring 5mm). 

Few companies will last outside that catchall realm, and what we’re saying here is, well, Airo ought to be one of them.

We should get into a few more specifics, since any review of vape products is sure to draw the eyes of curious new consumers. If you’re one of those experimenters looking for something more discreet and less stinky with far less mess than flower in a bowl or even preroll, then you may have tried a number of tanks that screw onto the 510 pen you got at the corner store. But you may be missing out on two whole categories—disposables, like the Traveler Pocket portable by vape leader Fernway, for example, which comes in one piece*, and also the few pens or pen-like devices that are not 510 compatible but that have replaceable carts that screw or click into a handle you keep. The Pax Era, for example.

The Airo is a handle you’ll remember, and not just for its chic minimalist “enclosed aluminum alloy nonagonal design.” Nor is its chief flaunt merely the 320mAh Li-ion battery that lasted for days in my own trials, or even the “ceramic atomizer and cellulose wicking system” that in tandem with said power “consistently delivers 3x the vapor” of mere mortal vapes. Beyond those bona fides, what makes the Airo extra special—a true keeper—is that it vibrates. Or, as they put it, “rather than buttons or lights, the AiroPro vaporizer provides haptic-feedback as a use indicator.” The functionality goes beyond just sensation, too: “when the battery is low, the haptic feedback will change into short pulses.”

The company’s description also notes their working in the interest of those searching for smoothness along with potentness. Which we can attest—the indica Biscotti plugged into our sleek Bond-worthy Airo has assisted nicely at nighttime, and we’re excited to experiment with their whole smorgasbord, from the Live Resin LA Kush Cake to a new Artisan line.

Put another way, this is a must-have gadget for anyone who is vape curious. Just watch, you won’t be able to help but to stick one in the face of everybody in your family and friend circle who is of age. You gotta try this thing, you’ll say. It literally vibrates when you hit it! 

A phenomenal show-and-tell party favor that’s good for spurring a shared buzz on multiple levels, this weapon in the war on vibration-less sobriety is a practical addition to any arsenal of flower alternatives.

*We hate to lead you down more of a rabbit hole, but even these are all different. Some of them, while regarded as disposable, still have charging ports, so you can at least get the most distillate thrill for your bill to the very last pull. Also, while some are indeed single-use only, it’s worth noting that Fernway has a recycling program for its Traveler line.

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