Happening Now: Another Chemdog Clone Drop

“It really makes growing cannabis at home a rewarding thing, from novice to…well, me.” 

When we spoke with Greg ‘Chemdog’ Krzanowski last August about his highly anticipated clone drops, the iconic cultivator told us he had “worked hard to really limit the ability for the public to get their hands on genuine authentic Chemdog strains over the years on the legacy market, so when we pulled the trigger at Canna Provisions, it was really about supporting the spirit of legal homegrow in Massachusetts with some really fantastic strains.”

He also said that, regarding the clone program and his Smash Hits brand, “the plan moving forward is to continue cultivating and sharing the best craft cannabis genetics and flower available.”

Six months later, and Chemdog has lived up to his word, and over the weekend dropped what he says will be his last drop of Chem 4 clones for the year (their description of the mighty strain: “hails from legendary OG genetics” and “brings gas, pepper, lemon cleaner and earth notes together for deep hybrid mind-body effects that bursts with flavor and finishes heavy and relaxed”).

They’re $60 per clone, available in their Lee and Holyoke stores, and can be picked up on a first come, first-serve basis, available to walk-ins to the stores only (so no online ordering).

“When you are starting with four-inch clones already rooted in small pots of this quality genetics, it really makes growing cannabis at home a rewarding thing, from novice to…well, me,” Chemdog said.

Also props to Canna Provisions on getting voted Best Cannabis Dispensary in the Pioneer Valley by Valley Advocate readers. With exclusives like this, it’s no surprise, and it’s also another reason that if you really want one of these Chem 4 clones, you should grab one soon before they’re gone.