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Honestly, This Elite Water Pipe Is Actually Worth The Money

If you have one of those bikes that folds into a suitcase and you like to smoke weed then you’re gonna love this travel bong

Honestly, we don’t tend to write about things that cost several hundred dollars, since not all of our readers can afford luxury items and herbals.

Though that is sort of dishonest, since we write about weed, and if we’re being honest, we always find the money somehow.

And since we’re being honest with each other, we don’t get enough pipes and devices to experiment with, especially if you consider how much cannabis we write about.

So it is nothing but the weed god’s honest truth when we express our gratitude for getting to play influencer.

With that said, our integrity is our most valuable asset; honesty, as they say, is a terrific policy.

And so it is with that in mind that we report this is honestly one of the most fantastic marijuana smoking devices we have encountered to date, right up there with icons like the Proto Pipe—and we suspect that it will also last for several decades in our stash.

And much like those perennial heroes, the Honest Capsule Water Pipe is built to last in more ways than one, with both a basically unbreakable body as well as timeless retro minimal design.

To be completely honest, this thing seemed a bit pretentious as we were unboxing it, but then we liked how it all screws together, sort of like a silencer onto the barrel of a pistol in a spy flick.

There’s nothing discreet about this thing though; their tagline: “Let’s be honest about our use and help break the stigma around it.”

No problem; we attached the oil set, which comes with an incredibly thoughtful scoop and tool tray, loaded it up with some Bananaconda live rosin from Blue River Terps, and got open enough for some honest dialogue among old canna connoisseur pals.

It just goes to show—good friends, great dabs, and some clever new paraphernalia to play with … it’s enough to keep even the saltiest old critics honest.