Inbox: Levia Drops New Limited-Edition Winter Seltzer

“A fast and predictable onset of effects, which typically begin within 15-20 minutes.”

Your secret is out. You like infused seltzers. A lot. 

We know because you click on articles about them. But also … 

Per state Cannabis Control Commission data from the last 12 months, infused drinks are currently the eighth biggest category, right behind infused pre-rolls, with nearly $15 million in sales from November 2021 to now. Compare that to just under $9 million in sales during the same time period one year prior, and that’s a whole lot of additional bubbles.

A significant force behind that movement has been Levia, which seems to be a favorite in various settings. We’re seeing the Yeti cooler set ask for them, as well as consumers who are simply looking for products off the top shelf.

And since we’re gushing, their special releases have been on point too, from the recent October-themed Blueberry Cobbler to their new Pomegranate Punch hybrid that arrives in more than 150 Mass dispensaries this week. This one brings “a fast and predictable onset of effects, which typically begin within 15-20 minutes.”

Additionally, the “limited-run seltzer features reimagined, original artwork from Dean McKeever (“Keever”), a local illustrator whose can design “prominently features a snowy landscape featuring a snowman and homes draped with blues, whites, and pinks to depict a chilling, winter night.”

“When we first introduced the series of seasonal products last year, the consumers gravitated towards the winter flavor,” Levia Co-Founder Troy Brosnan said in a statement. “In a continuous effort to provide our consumers with products they desire, we decided to bring back the flavor, with a reinvented look–giving them something to sip on this holiday season.”