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Inbox: “Unlock The Future Of Cannabis Policy In Massachusetts” 

Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance to host State House Policy Webinar

The last time we saw members of the Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance, they were demonstrating at a meeting of the Cannabis Control Commission last December in support of extending a waiver which allowed for the certification of patients online. The convenience was set to expire at the end of last year, and they successfully fought to keep the remote access channel open.

For their latest initiative, the 501c(4) nonprofit, whose mission is to push for medical cannabis patients, personal caregivers, and healthcare providers in Mass, is giving more people the tools to bring about cannabis reform. 

On March 7, they’re hosting an educational webinar “focused on the evolving cannabis policy landscape,” and that “aims to provide attendees with a clear update on the current state of cannabis policy at the Massachusetts statehouse and answer questions about key legislation that would benefit the medical cannabis community.” More from their media release below:

Learn about important bills that would provide employment protections for patients, increase access by removing the vertical integration requirement, and emphasizing equity. Get insights into the legislative process, important bills, and how you can support significant reforms. 

Despite the legalization of cannabis in Massachusetts, the work to reform our laws, especially protecting patients within the medical marijuana program, continues to be of major importance to MPAA. This is why we keep a close eye on Beacon Hill and raise awareness to support bills that will make a positive difference in our community. Don’t miss out on this chance to stay informed and engaged. Mark your calendar to attend this webinar and get involved in shaping the policies that impact patients’ lives.