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Indie 500: New Good Feels Product Good Vibes Is Lighting In A Bottle

The potency of a hundred infused seltzers in a pocket-sized dropper 

To anybody paying close attention to Good Feels over the past year, it should have been clear that their team was going to eventually release something like Good Vibes. 

It’s not like we could have known they would actually drop 500mg on our heads, but the company has nevertheless hinted at something of magnitude beyond their popular seltzers which come at a mere 5mg apiece, as required by state regulations.

For starters, founder Jason Reposa had opined about the demand for more access to high-potency products. And since those same strict rules that keep adult-use drinks from eclipsing single-digit potency also prevent small non-vertically integrated businesses like his from manufacturing stronger goods for the medical market, they were seeking other interesting avenues to deliver those bigger numbers.

In the meantime, Good Feels was leaning hard into its beverage enhancers, which pack 90mg of THC and 60mg of CBD into a 1oz bottle. At several dispensaries we visited last year, managers told us that it was a clear fan fave which frequently sold out.

With all of the above considered, and since Reposa is more of a doer than a whiner, it was predictable that Good Feels would recalibrate to overcome the limitations of state regulations and give people what they want. Enter Good Vibes, their new syrup that jams an outstanding 500mg of THC into a softpack-flat pocket-friendly tincture flask with a dropper.

They’re currently available in watermelon, grape, or unflavored. We dropped a whole lot of the latter, which, similar to a Slush Puppie before you add the colorful syrup, still has a significant sweetness (though unlike those icy treats, Good Vibes has no actual sugar or calories). Which makes it mixable with virtually anything, or nothing at all since you can simply drop it right into your mouth. And speaking of tongues, that palatability is what sticks out the most.

As hardcore connoisseurs, nobody at Talking Joints Memo minds an elixir that inflames your throat and leaves an aftertaste like you just chewed on raw grass. Most people feel differently though—no doubt including many folks who like to imbibe way beyond the 5mgs of THC allowed in single-serving Mass drinks. In Good Vibes, they’ll find candy plus convenience and none of the harshness of several other tinctures on the market—plus enough potion to get the whole entire posse high.

Positively fast acting but balanced in the buzz that it provides, Good Vibes is capable of enhancing your desired experience or outcome—from a cocktail party to the deep slumber that follows. It all depends on the dose, which is in your hands with this product. Because if there is one thing we love about being treated like grownups, and finally getting this kind of bang in the adult-use market, it’s the opportunity to sleep and party like it’s senior week without the hangover.