New Drop: Endo Extracts Day Disposable Distillate Pen 

Clean hints of Trix cereal and jelly doughnuts in a sleek pocket-friendly unit

It’s moments like these when I really don’t care about what any purists have to say. With all due respect to the dabbers and thread blabbers who’s recs I receive and appreciate daily, sometimes it’s just not convenient to carry a dab rig around, and certainly we can’t always be rolling up joints.

I’m one of those people who of course always welcomes flower but typically prefers to dab so as to spare my lungs and throat. Edibles are also handy. But there is a convenience factor with vapes that can’t be denied, and with that fact in play I certainly appreciate an excellent disposable or cartridge.

Regarding cartridges, we could yap all day about the great and the gross ones alike. Proprietaries and 510s. But today we’re here to talk about disposables, and particularly one that’s lighting up my smile of late: the daytime distillate pen by Endo Extracts.

The Endo is a sweet petite vehicle that right away conquers some of the problems with other disposable vapes, depending on who you ask of course. An all-glass chamber allows you to see exactly how much distillate remains, and it’s also quite sleek, like something you might sneak into a wedding. The glass mouthpiece is positively nippletastic, and the rubber cap actually serves a purpose for storage as opposed to being something you toss after your first use.

The pull and profile are comparably refined; the Red Pop stick that I enjoyed floated the faintest wafts of Trix cereal and jelly doughnuts, but left none of that quarter water aftertaste that can turn a good distillate bad. Effects wise, the symphony of minor cannabinoids pinballing around the THC makes for a smooth and manageable high with the option to turn up the volume. I hit the Endo about 12 times searching for that Trix comparison and it left me reaching for cereal boxes.

It’s also worth noting that you can recharge the Endo in the event that you haven’t vaped the whole gram before the battery dies, while for durability, since it’s about two inches shorter than a typical pen, it can safely spend time in my pocket without snapping in half at the joint where battery meets chamber.

Finally, it’s nice to see a product called Endo around here. That’s what I called weed for like half of the ’90s, and I appreciate the sentiment so long as the product is this solid.