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Now Smoking: Joints Out Of The Brand New Junior Doob Cube 

The latest move in a mission to subtract a million tubes from the market this year

This is not the first time that we have come out as cubists.

The No. 9 Sunflower Collection Doob Cube, which first dropped in January 2023, made the list of our favorite products released last year, and we even visited their outdoor grow on the South Coast to check out their colorful strains ranging from Jelly Donuts to Pre98 Bubba Kush.

“It’s our biggest selling product,” Ben Smith, a co-founder of No. 9 producer Coastal Cultivars, said while holding up one of their original signature plastic boxes on that trip. “It’s a half ounce of one-gram joints with four different cultivars. … We’re actually reducing the amount of stickers, tubes, all that stuff.”

Besides coming filled with prime material, the cube is mission-driven, specifically to reduce the amount of preroll packaging in the Bay State. And with two new variations of the box now available, they hope to help consumers use a million fewer tubes this year alone.

Their new Mini “features 20 0.35g joints in four different strain varieties,” while the “Micro has 14 0.5g joints in four different strain varieties.” If you’re keeping tabs, that is the “same quantity and variety as the original Doob Cube … just in a smaller size.”

As for what’s inside, the Doob Cube Micro includes: Apricot Punch (27.2% TAC),Katsu Bubba Kush (25.7% TAC), Bruce Banner (28.2% TAC), and Early Lemon Berry (27.4% TAC). While the Mini features: Jelly Donut (26.5% TAC), Early Lemon Berry (27.13% TAC), Katsu Bubba Kush (25.0% TAC), Pineapple Express (28.2% TAC).

It’s like all the fun of unboxing, but with weed and without all of the waste.