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Penny’s Candy: Cannabis That It Was All So Simple Then

Punchy and reliable gummies to stuff your cheeks and pockets with

The whole idea of penny candy is that it is inexpensive, basic, and a throwback to a seemingly simpler time. From jelly beans to nonpareils to gumdrops, they’re sweet treats we don’t need to overthink—free of any gimmicky marketing ploys and, perhaps most importantly, labels with calorie and sugar counts.

Due to strict packaging regulations for cannabis products in Mass, Penny’s Candy isn’t quite as nondescript as a handful of gumballs from the corner store. Still, there is something perfectly basic about them; for us, the appeal was apparent even before we got to sampling these gummies with our tongues and tummies.

Shaped like the jewels the Goonies use to save their homes at the end of the movie, they’re slightly smaller than most 5mg bites, flat with sharp angles, and sugar-dusted so they don’t stick to each other in the Mylar. They’re soft but not to the point where remnants get stuck between your teeth, and rubbery but in a satisfying way like an eraser you can’t help but bite through.

And much like actual G-rated penny candy, the manufacturers at AMP have all sorts and flavors on their smorgasbord—from Candy Apple Cider, Mixed Berry, and Ripe Cherry picks, to RSO, nighttime, and CBD varieties. And since they’re typically sold in the $15 to $20 range, you can fill your pockets on a budget. We’re especially bonkers for the Blue Raspberry gems, which pack a deep tart punch that makes us pucker.

Big picture-wise, Penny’s Candy isn’t all that different from a lot of other pectin gummies on shelves in Massachusetts dispensaries. But with so much garbage on the market, and value brand edibles that taste like plastic or stick to their wrappers, it’s nice to have some reliable standbys. And with Penny’s Candy, you know what you’re getting.