Pot-ent Pairings: A Spiced Dessert Needs Flower With Power

Creole Applesauce Cake With Rum & Smyth’s Slurricane

Baking, text, and photos by Jason Pramas | Cannabis pairing by John Loftus.

March still comes in like a lion here in Boston; so a warming sweet is always in order when planning an afternoon snack on a cold weekend. And a robust old-school cake with some hot tea is just the thing to take the chill away.

We decided to try the Creole Applesauce Cake With Rum recipe from former New York Times recipe writer Maida Heatter‘s epic 1979 “Book of Great Desserts” and were blown away by a dense yet delicate treat with lashings of nutmeg, mace, and raisins soaked in Royal Jamaica Blackstrap Dark Rum (that we highly recommend for baking and tippling)—all topped with whipped cream.

A New Orleans-themed confection cries out for a New Orleans-themed smoke; so we completed a lazy day with a jar of Smyth’s Slurricane. An eighth ounce with an unusually strong kick delivered to your door by Zyp Run will only set you back $50 … but make your day even better by mentioning the DIG20 code for $20 off your order.

3_11_23 Creole Applesauce Cake With Rum - Jason Pramas