Pot Shots: InTERPretasting’s Crab And Lobster Bake

High End Events hosts summer dab and seafood tasting in America’s hometown

Ten or even 20 years from now, when people can choose between any number of licensed canna consumption spots between the South Shore, Cape Cod, and the South Coast where they can crack infused crab and lobster then dab their desert, it will only be right for the cannabis community at that time to pay proper homage to those who paved the way in private reception spaces. And when they do, the crew from High End Events ought to be at the top of the list.

Their clam bake in Plymouth this past Friday was another testament to the company’s leadership on this front—as well as an example of a modern spin on one kind of 420-friendly congregation that has carried on since long before legalization and will likely continue long after state licenses for social consumption are issued.

One of their flagship recurring parties that takes on new personalities with changes in seasons and themes, High End’s InTERPretasting isn’t like most weed dinners. Though there are enough bubbling communal dab rigs and edibles circulating through their parties to get everyone from Plymouth to Provincetown lifted at once, most of the actual main courses—like the clams and lobster at this recent party—aren’t infused with THC.

As High End co-founders Bailey and Bobby Nuggz explain it, “the pairing is all in smoking your samples and tasting the terpenes through your sense of smell.”