Pot Shots: Massachusetts Flower Expo 2023

Cannabis growers, buyers, sellers, and stakeholders gather for consumption event

We will be reporting on the things we learned, people we interviewed, and samples we snagged at the Flower Expo for weeks and even months to come. The industry trade show that was held for the first time ever in Greenfield this week offered a glimpse into the wide world of new products hitting the market as well as of variants on long-beloved staples, and played out like a smorgasbord of many of the finest cultivars in the Bay State.

We’ll be posting interviews on Instagram and adding more coverage here on the site; but for now, we dumped our photos below for you to check out, and we also have a list of 10 trends that we spotted while on the scene.

Regarding the setup itself, as Flower Expo CEO Jason Bello explained in an interview before the event, “There are two indoor buildings and a large outdoor area. It’s a really fun vibe, and everybody has booth spaces. But really, being an exhibitor gives you the right to bring product into the show, so [companies] can bring in their product, show it off at their booth, hand out samples, and then decision makers who represent the dispensaries are able to come in and walk the show, check out the product, eat, and speak with the people, the cultivators, and the brands.”

On the ground, that’s basically how things worked out, with room to smoke and mingle without the same bustle of a standard trade show. As noted in our trends writeup, it’s also an early example of a sanctioned social consumption event, which is certainly worth paying attention to when you’re done ogling the spreads. We look forward to seeing how the Flower Expo grows in the future, and how it influences similar 420-friendly events in the future.