Pot Shots: The World’s First-Ever Stoner Pickleball Tournament

Boston Cannabis Week pulls off the planet’s inaugural puff and pickle party

I was just a middle-aged boy with a dream. After a post I wrote in April about how pickleball is great for stoners went viral and put this site on the map beyond the Bay State, I expressed public interest in doing some kind of tournament or event that married my love of playing with my love of puffing.

Lucky for me and those who share my affections, the organizers behind Boston Cannabis Week heard the call and stepped up to fill the void. They convinced PKL in South Boston to host the festivities, brought on Berkshire Roots as a lead sponsor to provide custom paddles, and the BCW Games were born. (They also asked me to help them make history as the host, and of course I entered a Talking Joints Memo team too).

The event which transpired was even more spectacular than I could ever have imagined. From the trippy facility, to activities like shuffleboard to keep the crowd busy beyond pickleball and puffing, to the tournament itself, to badass setups (Chill Medicated even brought massage therapists), to special guest appearances by Michael Christmas, Cousin Stizz, and OG Swaggerdick, it was a seriously unique experience.

Props to all the organizers, to PKL for hosting, and to the winning wildcard team of Fletcher and Texiera (aka “The Vapes”) on becoming the first-ever champs of a stoner pickleball tournament (they beat out the team from Boston’s Green Flash Delivery in the finals). This was clearly just the start of a great thing, and will only lead to more left-handed pickleball fests (speaking of which, if your interests align with mine, please join my brand new LinkedIn group, Puff & Pickle).