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Small Batch, Big Buzz: Colorado Creamsicle Sugar By Dabscience

A precision product from a unique expert independent operator 

Small-batch shampoo. Hand-crafted popcorn. Boutique butt wipes.

The obsession with diminutive batches can spill into nauseating territory, even in—or especially in—the cannabis market.

It’s one thing to support local businesses and artisans, but the insinuation that smaller is always better and that all big players sell schwag is silly.

On the other hand, there are some niche and nano canna producers who pay an admirable amount of attention to their output, and whose talent and hard work shows up in each puff.

Noel Barry, the founder and CEO of Dabscience, is one such standout scientist.

An experienced biopharmaceutical manufacturing technician, Barry “developed a passion for plant extraction and essential oil refinement which ultimately took him from the biotech industry to the cannabis industry.” Specifically, he’s an expert in “utilizing every type of plant extraction and refinement process.”

In his time making melts, Barry has consulted several major operations. If you’ve ever wondered how there are suddenly hundreds of people in the Bay State workforce who know how to make cannabis extracts and edibles, it’s in part because consultants like him help train them and help get dab labs up and running.

Since coming to cannabis nearly a decade ago, Barry has won dozens of awards. But we’re not here to talk about his work with other brands or even his accolades; hopefully that will come in a subsequent interview. For now, we simply want to rave about the terpy wonders he extracts under his own brand, Dabscience.

We’ve tried a number of this tiny manufacturer’s offerings before (Barry is both lone wolf and floating collaborator; the dab we tried was made under the Uxbridge-based Regenerative LLC). He is a regular at consumption events, and has wowed us with his badders and waxes before. So the grand slam at hand did not come as a surprise.

For this outing, we grabbed a gram of Colorado Creamsicle Sugar. A precision hydrocarbon butane extraction, its godly smell of candle wax and frankincense is raw enough to send a sinner to Bible school and back again, accented by burning rubber brimming with hot smoking Firestone tires. All that plus the kind of effects that may deliver salvation along the way.

The high is quite flotational, if that’s a word. It transported us to that first hit of Headband in the aughts, and pushed our cheekbones back like Dr. Nassif. Notably non-sticky, it also stood out from run-of-the-mill dabs in the texture department; somehow simultaneously moist and malleable, it burns clean and clear at measured temps, again demonstrating the experience-based science and calibrated approach Barry and Dabscience—and, we will concede, other small batch specialists like him—bring to the game.