The Temptation Is Too Great: Indica Live Badder By Haze

One dab of this gassy goodness and you’ll understand the high life

In addition to writing about weed, I have covered politics for years. And in that time, I have learned that it is all about the carpets. 

That’s right, the carpets, (sort of) like the one you may be standing on right now.

People like you and me walk on ordinary rugs, perhaps even hard wood and concrete from time to time. Every now and then, one of us will even endure shin splints. Not politicians or the moguls who support them though. They glide on three-inch thick threads of the gods, plush and fluffy foot beds that relieve the spine.

Once you have experienced that kind of cushiony surface, you’ll do anything to maintain the lifestyle—vote for monstrous frauds, cut off friends and family members who walk on mere tiles, anything! And while I’ll never know what it is like to float on Persian elegance full-time, I strictly dabble in the dabs of kings.

The Temptation F2 indica live badder from Haze is in that echelon. Dab a bit for breakfast and it’s still present in your nasal passage around lunchtime, singing songs of grassy notes with sour citrus chasers. I’m not sensing too much of the Ice Cream Cake strain that’s crossed with Jealousy to make Temptation F2, but this is aces nonetheless. Top. Shelf. Stuff.

What’s a gassy dab with ideal minimal stickiness and flavors galore if it doesn’t toast you though? With more than 90% TAC (mostly via THCA) working in concert with some CBGA and the tasty terpenes, this is a rocket ship for relaxation. One bull off my Puffco Peak Pro and I wasn’t necessarily tired or cloud-headed, but I sure did wish I had a carpet like they have up in the Oval Office to sit down and kick back on.

Here’s to the good life.