Two Cannabis Drinks We Find Especially Refreshing

Sipping Good Feels and Ocean Breeze all summer—sometimes from the bottle, other times on ice

There are plenty of infused beverages that we don’t find refreshing. Orange sodas and root beers, for example.

Those are usually fine for whistle wetting, but it is the summer now, and we need the best possible buffers between beers. That’s if we’re still drinking alcohol at all, and with so many outstanding cannabis drinks on the market, we’re not sure how much longer that will be.

But again, not all THC-infused wetness is adequate for thirst quenching, and so we have been looking for sips that do the trick through the thickest months—beverages that don’t just satisfy you for a second, but rather leave you more stoned and less parched than you were going in.

The first brand regularly with us on the warmest days is Good Feels. Sugar free and sold in 12-ounce snub bottles like Red Stripe, part of the refreshment comes from the cool touch of the glass vessel, but Good Feels backs it up with the seltzer inside. We’ve had every flavor and they’re all crisp enough for a post-jog tip, but we especially appreciate the high that comes with their grapefruit elixir. You can bang them back all day in the sun with no regrets, especially regarding thirst and mouthfeel.

Also on the tip of our tongues this month is the grapefruit seltzer by North Shore craft cultivator Ocean Breeze done in collaboration with the Drinkable Company. When the word grapefruit enters the picture and there’s carbonation in the equation, Fresca is on the heavier syrupy side of the spectrum, with lighter seltzers on the other. This product however occupies a clever middle ground, with a taste that’s powerful in punch and effervescence but without much aftertaste or dryness. All of which makes it, once again, refreshing.

One mark of a seltzer we typically like for summer purposes is a lack of viscosity, and the easy test is to pour something on ice and see how slowly it drips down the rocks and walls of your glass. Both Good Feels and Ocean Breeze pass with flying clearness, they’re as rejuvenating as regular seltzer. 

That can’t be said for many sparkling drinks with alcohol, but with THC it’s something we are getting more and more of. And that may be the most refreshing news of all.