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Yes, The World Is Absolutely Ready For Infused Toothpicks

Easy, cheap, delicious, and calorie-free, these THC toothpicks are actually quite practical

There are two reactions that someone may have to learning that there’s such a thing as infused toothpicks on the Massachusetts adult-use cannabis market.

A lot of folks may roll their eyes, and perhaps say something along the lines of, Get the hell out of here, don’t you think this is getting a little out of hand at this point?

And then there are the rest of us, whose response to hearing about such a product at the heretofore minimally serviced intersection of mental and dental hygiene is more like, As a matter of fact, I just ate a corned-beef sandwich with a side of popcorn—please pass the pick so I can take a lick!

Sparq is a company to watch, from their top-notch flower sold at reasonable prices to their cousin company MKX’s unique drink mixes that come in long and skinny plastic tubes shaped like pencil lead holders. And then there is this latest concept, which is smashing for the simplicity in its delivery.

Due to debut next week in dispensaries across the commonwealth, the first shipment of tincture-soaked Sparq toothpicks will be of Mylar bags with 10 toothpicks at about 2mg of THC per ’pick. Moving forward, there will also be higher-dose options. Jason Gillis, an account executive at LC Square which manufactures Sparq, said, “These are eventually going to be 5mg each, but the early batches are low dose.”

Gillis added, “We’re asking stores to use these first ones as an add-on, so that if people buy an eighth of Sparq flower, they can get a pack of the low-dose ones for a dollar.”

Otherwise, they will be about five bucks.

Flavor-wise, we sampled the strawberry-lime number, which they shortened to “Straw Lime.” And it’s delicious, something we would suck on even if it didn’t get us stoned. It’s a seriously tasty toothpick and a quality one too, allowing for more than 10 minutes of chewing before the zing ran out. And even then it didn’t splinter or dry out our mouths. If anything, these things slightly numb the tongue.

Finally, you may be asking, are infused toothpicks really necessary? We have done the research on this, and it turns out that they’re not simply for after-dinner dental tool aficionados who are also major potheads. All things considered, like that Sparq is dropping these in eight initial flavors including churro and orange, we’re recommending to the FDA that infused toothpicks be established as a new essential food group.

As for good old-fashioned mint-flavored toothpicks?

“Oh man,” Gillis said, “we got all that stuff coming.”