All The Wild Ways We Are Enjoying Infused Limoncello Gummies

From garnishing cocktails to mixing with mobsters, the potential is bountiful

We couldn’t think of what to say about the new hash-infused limoncello Bites from Bountiful Farms. A collaboration using flower from the Worcester-based Good Chemistry Nurseries, the product is true to its namesake liqueur and simply delicious, a cross between a Luden’s Throat Drop (size), ladyfinger cookies (elegance), and the freshest farmer’s market fruit snack you ever tasted (texture). 

This also marks more winning teamwork via Bountiful Farms, which won us over last year with their BBQ sauce collab with chef Andy Husbands. So yeah, basically that’s what we had to say about these gems. And then we ate a bunch of them and got extremely stoned, and started thinking of ways we would really love to have our limoncello Bites …

While playing the cello

Well, we’d like to for the sake of rhyme time, but ours is broken. Ya got one we can borrow?

One at a time

On a gigantic triangle plate straight out of a hotspot so trendy they would never let us in if we weren’t packing pocketfuls of hash-infused delights.

The Costanza way

Similar to the previous method but simpler, this engagement requires no more than a regular-sized plate, a fork and knife, and a bald head.

One word: yucca

Be careful with this one. Normally, you’d mix like a pound of sugar with a full handle of vodka and two-dozen sliced lemons in a pretzel keg, then shake it with your friends for half an hour before passing it around the horn and subsequently passing out. We’re not quite sure how to incorporate Bites into that recipe—hopefully as a substitute for the booze—but we’re definitely working on it.

With the early birds

Any server who works at a restaurant where seniors expect discount dinner options starting at four o’clock will tell you how this crowd likes to mix up their own lemonade using free lemon wedges and sugar from the sweetener caddy. Except when we are with them, because we are using limoncello gummies.

Among made men

Mob dinners almost always end with big tips. And per our back-of-the-napkin calculations, North End servers have seen a 40% increase in gratuities from mafia parties where Talking Joints Memo’s edibles arbiters dazzled Don Vito with Bountiful’s limoney offerings 

As jewelry

Just between us, these aren’t earrings.

With U2

Go on YouTube and watch the video for the U2 song “Lemon” from their 1993 hit album Zooropa. This one is going to blow you away—we used artificial intel to replace every lemon in the whole entire clip with a Bountiful Farms gummy. Convincing Bono was the hardest part.

With a preroll

And if that preroll comes from Bountiful, we hope it’s of the Zeclair or their Slap N Tickle variety.