Cannabis, Costumes, And Concentrates: A Hexpo Preview

“The only event in New England where you can find this type of originality and fandom.”

There’s been no shortage of great weed community events this season. From fall bangers to yoga nights and meet and greets, the autumnal harvest spirit has coalesced well with cannabis.

Hexpo, however, which takes place at TeamWorks in Seekonk on Oct. 29, is another kind of beast altogether. Voted Best Cannabis Experience at NECANN last year, the party is a Halloween-themed blowout of epic proportions.

We asked organizers Bailey and Bobby Nuggz of High End Events Co. about the upcoming festivities, their afterparty, and the future of social consumption beyond Hexpo.

You have done this before. Give us a quick history of Hexpo and why it’s a different kind of cannabis event.

What makes Hexpo different from other events is that everyone is dressed up in costume and can be a different version of themselves for the night. We’ll also have over 100 vendors including some of the most popular dispensaries, producers, and cultivators in the state blended in with local artists, makers, and collectors. Hexpo is the only event in New England where you can find this type of originality and fandom.

As for Halloween itself, are the organizers particular fans of the holiday? In what ways do you see it as a weed holiday and/or in what ways are you making it one?

We are definitely fans of Halloween and everything horror, comic, and collectibles related. I see this as a cannabis holiday in many ways, especially because of the fall vibes and croptober harvest season creeping in. We’ve coined Hexpo as a “hybrid event concept” combining everything cannabis and horror.

Your team travels to other states for cannabis events quite a bit. Anybody else blowing it out for Halloween every year?

We’re blessed to travel to cannabis events across the world. There are a few events that we look forward to attending every year including MonstahXpo in Taunton. Dabs of the Dead In California was another event I always enjoyed attending. I also say the Community Bonfire is incredibly well produced and they really think outside the box. We’ve created a niche all of our own with Hexpo (Halloween Cannabis Expo) as a leading event in our region.

For this year, what are some big changes? In what ways are you stepping up from last year?

We’re adding a lot more cosplayers this year. Over a dozen will be in attendance and dressed in their cosplayer outfits. We’ll also have DreamKillerCosplay who has been recognized as one of the top Freddy Krueger cosplayers in our region. We gave away over 1,000 free tickets to veterans, activists, and community members alike to spread the love. We’re also in the process of booking another well-known celebrity guest, which I am sure everyone will adore. 

What and who are some of the big attractions you are especially looking forward to? What will people definitely remember from this one?

Some of the bigger attractions will be this year’s Sun Grown competition highlighting local home-growers and their outdoor harvests. Everyone who wants to enter can, but you must be 21-plus. This competition is judged by our public attendees.

I also would add that our smoking section will be sponsored by a few of the best legal brands in the state including Dab Science Extractions and Regenerative. This is a safe place for guests to indulge responsibly without having to pile onto a sidewalk or parking lot.

What’s the trick (or treat?) of getting the legacy as well as the licensed cannabis communities both involved?

I’d say it comes down to building a common ground and an event that the community truly believes in. High End Events Co. takes pride in creating unique event concepts, not just regurgitated ideas that everyone else is already doing.

No matter what your stance or business is in the community, you can assure at our events you’re gaining momentum through brand activations and can find value just by being in attendance. 

How about the afterparty? What’s that vibe like and why is it important to basically do two events in the single day instead of just the one? 

The afterparty is set to be a fantastic time. Ghouls & Globlins is an event I’ve been developing since 2014 and this year will be the eighth annual. It will be held at Red’s Kitchen and Catering upstairs. We will be hosting a costume competition with live music, games, billiards, community exhibitors, and more.

We’ve always done one-day events because it’s easier to control the variables, but it’s certainly in Hexpo’s cards to turn into a two-day show in the near future. We’re already planning on it. I also think two-day shows are important because it gives the chance for exhibitors to gain more sales, as well as second chances to meet celebrities and have a good time.

As a crew that has been doing parties in this space for a long time, what are some things you would like to see with upcoming social consumption regulations, if anything? How much will those rules likely change events like this in the future, for better or worse?

Social consumption is a hot topic right now everywhere that we go. I’d like to see an actual model where you can smoke and vape on site, all while grabbing a coffee and pastry, or hitting a game room and playing some pong to blow off some steam. I’d also love to see it more openly accepted in barber shops, movie theaters, and hotels.

I am sure the regulations of social consumption won’t make it easier for a marketing event agency like us. We’ve always played by the rules and have worked tirelessly to set a standard for cannabis-related hospitality style events in Massachusetts. I wouldn’t doubt when social consumption goes into play they will make it illegal for dispensaries to sponsor or attend events without an event license.

We will see how the dice fall, but that’s why we have developed a concept that can transcend  and doesn’t have to solely be about consumption. As we progress, we will be paying close attention to what’s happening and hope to stay ahead of the curve.

What else? What do people need to know ahead of Hexpo?

Hexpo is proud to be supporting the LustGarten Foundation to benefit pancreatic cancer. One of our cosplayers Capt. Spaulding will be taking pictures with guests and donating portions back to this fundraiser. That’s just one of a handful of ways we’re giving back, including dropping off locally grown fresh produce to food pantries and producing a drive to benefit the homeless.

The event is rain or shine and will be held inside a 10,000-square ft. space. This event is strictly 21+. No sales allowed on site. No smoking or baking inside. Everyone can bring their own cannabis and enjoy it freely in the smoking section. We’ll have a costume contest for Hexpo as well with some truly killer prizes up for grabs. Tickets are affordable and are only $10.00 for general admission and $40.00 for VIP.