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Couple Behind High End Events Plans A Romantic V-Day Interpretasting

“Valentine’s Day to us is all about the love, whether that be for your significant other, or your favorite local weed brands. So we’re bringing them together in one place.”

Maybe we’re just hibernating after a busy holiday season, but January is basically dead for cannabis events in Massachusetts.

Of course there have been exceptions, but anybody looking for some fun, themed green experiences is probably already eyeing February. More specifically, it’s not unusual to leave the house for pure enjoyment for the first time all year on Valentine’s Day.

Though not exactly up there with 4/20 or Green Wednesday in the canna connoisseur’s echelon of premier days to party down, Feb. 14 nonetheless has much to offer in this area. From infused gift ideas to dates accompanied by dabs, there’s lots of crossover potential.

On the party front, the team from High End Events Co. is hosting a special edition of their award-winning Interpretasting at Fireseed Art Studios in Framingham. We asked the couple behind the series, Bailey and Bobby Nuggz, about their plans for the evening and their take on V-Day as a holiday for stoners.

You two do quite a few events, and this one won’t even be your first of the year. What have you been up to in addition to planning for Valentine’s Day?   

We’ve been staying busy and recently had the opportunity to travel to Miami, Florida for Art Basel 2024. While we were down there we were able to experience everything Florida’s cannabis culture had to offer and it was thriving.

Terp Basel was one of the events we attended which spans four days. We were able to attend a fusion of cannabis inspired fashion shows, art gallery showings, and dinner parties which really inspired us for this year’s Valentine’s Day Interpretasting. 

We haven’t seen too much of a focus on Valentine’s in cannabis, at least not in Mass. Why do you think that is and what kind of demand do you believe there is for products, events, or anything else that brings the two things together?

I think that there isn’t as much of a focus on Valentine’s Day because it falls wayside to all the really important holidays. Valentine’s Day to us is all about the love, whether that be for your significant other, or your favorite local weed brands. So we’re bringing them together in one place.

There is definitely a demand for this type of event and products that go along with it. From intimacy products to edibles, back around to rosin shaped like hearts. It’s all about theming. I think dispensaries who take advantage of this day are smart.

If you weren’t throwing an event, as a couple that loves weed, what would be your perfect Valentine’s Day date night? 

For us we would probably do an Italian candlelit dinner with dabs before and after. Maybe some type of game night afterward, we love a little competition. Recently we heard of this murder mystery train ride dinner party but weren’t able to book tickets in time. That would be really fun. Something about a good Italian restaurant feels so at home for us, I think it’s because we grew up in Rhode Island and have always had fantastic experiences with this type of cuisine.

What kind of cannabis products do you see as a great Valentine’s Day gift for someone who likes to get high?

All of them. Especially edibles, with Valentine’s Day being known for chocolates, that is something which would truly make a great gift for someone who likes to get high. Matched with a freshly picked bouquet of nugs.

Have you done any Valentine’s cannabis parties in the past? Where did the idea for this coming event come from?

This will actually be the fifth anniversary of Interpretasting’s Valentines Day event. We’re featuring some incredible local brands with tastings, pairings, and local chefs with a carefully curated menu of non-infused foods, a DJ, harpist, and more.

What is the concept, who will be there, and what kind of responses are you getting from people?

The concept is a sit-down dinner party with tastings and pairings, unique mocktails, and intermezzos. This event is all about pleasuring your senses through your taste and smell. We’re looking forward to working with award-winning brands such as Blue River, Impressed, Tower Three, and more.

Needless to say, food is always an important part of an Interpretasting event. What do you have lined up for this one?

I think we’re going Italian with this one, with a few surprise twists. We’ve got a great venue lined up that has a ton of pizazz, local art, and culture. 

Beyond that, what should people expect? Tell us more about what this gallery is like and who else is going to be there alongside your team.

The gallery is really beautiful. We have been producing events at this location since 2017 and every time it’s an event to remember. This event will also be a visual experience with art installations and live painting.

We also have Chef Ryan Dawson on dessert, plus local glass and artists vending.

Is there any way you feel that events in 2024 are going to be different or should be different from events in 2023?

I think that the market is really changing a lot when it comes to events, as dispensaries are constantly doing their own events to market and promote. It has elevated the event space and makes us want to work harder to bring unique concepts to the community.