Developing New Sleep Pod, This Cannabis Company Did Actual Research 

“We’re honored to pave the way for the entire sector with our findings and this novel product launch.”

If there’s one thing that countless cannabis companies have learned alike through unrelated focus groups and surveys through the years, it’s that Americans can’t sleep. And they’re desperately searching for something to smoke, vape, or swallow to help them doze off.

Pax wanted to go further though. And so researchers tapped by the multistate vape brand—more specifically, an “external team of experts in medicine, cannabinoid science, and behavioral health—“designed and implemented randomized, crossover, single-blind controlled study using biometric and validated psychometric instruments” to learn more in search of better bedtime formulas.

You can read their full report here, but in short, the study of 44 participants “included a cannabinoid-only control, a benchmark control and an active placebo control, as well as a wide variety of proprietary formulations to test for efficacy.” Furthermore, “Each product was tested against a combination of biometric data supported by commercial wearables and validated psychometric instruments for both qualitative and quantitative feedback around factors like sleepiness, sleep quality, anxiety and depression, insomnia, duration and quality of sleep.”

Image from Pax sleep study

For results, “Some of the most significant findings of the PAX Sleep Study suggest that commonly held beliefs around which cannabis products best support sleep are inconsistent with existing data.” “For example,” they explain, “cannabinol (CBN) is frequently used in cannabis sleep products due to its sedative effect; however, research shows that it is in fact less effective than other cannabinoid profiles. Additionally, consumers typically assume indicas will be the best sleep tools, but research suggests specific terpenes in combination with specific cannabinoids are a far better indicator of effect.”

As for how the study influenced the resulting inhalable pod for their Era devices—they’re reporting that subjects using the new Sleep by Pax experienced a 44% improvement in falling asleep faster, 38% improvement in sleep quality, 25% improvement over general indica, 21% improvement over cannabis sleep products, and no increase in next day sleepiness.

“Many Americans are sleep-deprived, which is having a significant impact on health and wellbeing,” Pax VP of Product Development Brian Witlin said in a media statement. “While there are many cannabis sleep products on the market, our research is distinguished by its rigorous execution, overseen by a team of PhD experts, comprising both pharmacologists and toxicologists, spanning two years. The insights we gathered were remarkable, and we’re honored to pave the way for the entire sector with our findings and this novel product launch.”