Pot Shots: The Harvest Cup Runneth Over, And It’s Glorious

On five-year anniversary of adult-use sales in Massachusetts, competition conjures up kaleidoscopic cross-section of cannabis community

There has never been a more exciting time for Mass consumers. That’s fairly obvious, with new dispensaries and dispensorias opening regularly and products like infused ketchup and honey filling our cannabis cupboards. But it’s more than that; this is a particularly potent moment.

The thrill’s been palpable in Worcester this weekend. The Harvest Cup buzzed like a beehive from the minute the doors of the DCU Center opened Saturday morning, with wall-to-wall vendors courting a benevolent mob hungry for samples and merch.

And at the center of it all—in the literal middle of Mass, at the figurative heart of the commonwealth canna community, just down the road from Cannabis Control Commission regulators and the industry’s smoke-friendly sanctuary—were gloriously stocked glass showcases displaying the dedication of home, licensed, and legacy growers alike.

It’s no surprise The Harvest Cup is a great unifier; founded in 2017, the event predates recreational sales, and has seen the industry grow up around it. It will be exciting to see how the scene looks at the tenth anniversary  of adult-use, and judging from the unbelievable enthusiasm as well as the ingenuity on display in booth after booth, there’s no doubt that The Harvest Cup has adequate momentum to thrive for another five and then some.