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Honey Snacks: Full-Spectrum RSO Nectar By Mass Alternative Care

Natural stoner drizzle is sweet enough to stir up quite the local buzz

First of all, we understand that Mass Alternative Care can’t specifically call this product “Honey sMACs,” as in Honey Smacks the breakfast food, since you’re not allowed to market weed to children like they do with beer and alcohol named after sugary cereals and candy.

But we are allowed to call it that, so Honey sMACs it is.

And honey, believe us when we say this honey smacks.

When you’re sucking on a stick of this full-spectrum RSO, you can immediately tell that you are about to get stoned. Not just because it comes in a syringe, though that should tip you off, but instead because a symphony of sweetness and terpenes sticks to your mouth, teeth, and throat.

It’s divine, and for those who care, it actually tastes like cannabis instead of chemicals.

As a MAC rep explained to us at an event, the Amherst manufacturer sources its delicious golden base from the Red Barn Honey Company in nearby Northampton. They have all their own bees and supply MAC with critical nectar for this “mood-enhancing boost of pain and stress relief, great for adding to drinks and food or by itself,” making for a winning local natural tag team that we like as much as the alignment of Suncrafted and South Coast cranberry growers all the way across the state.

The adult-use pack comes with five 10mg applicators (higher-dose options are available in some medical shops). Inside, each tube is intended as a double dose of 5mg servings, but of course, you can also easily (and likely will) double your output by pushing the trigger a bit harder.

On our third or fourth pack at this point, we have no shortage of use cases, from squeezing it directly into our mouths, to touching up a cheese plate. Honey sMACs even come in handy as an invisible add-on to your morning cup of tea; save for the syringe part, it’s a discreet alternative to other edibles.