This Holiday Season, “Pass The Cranberry Sauce” Has New Meaning

“The live rosin itself is a solventless concentrate from fresh frozen, then ice washed, sun grown cannabis, grown and processed at Suncrafted HQ.”

One of our great delights from this past year was our visit to Suncrafted in Middleborough. In addition to their fire flower and impressive indoor-outdoor hybrid operation with translucent ceilings in the former, they actually collaborate with local cranberry farmers for their edibles. 

“I’ve been making the scratch puree that’s going into the cranberry [gummies],” Kitchen Lead Justin Weiner said. “We’re trying to give back to the community by using more local products, and also the flavor can’t be beat—putting that into the gummies really takes it to the next level and gives it that scratch-kitchen feel.”

Tim McNamara, the president of HHG, the Mass-based parent company of Suncrafted, added, “This is the region where basically everybody’s got a cranberry bog in their backyard. … We [started by using] cranberry seed oil in our tinctures, and then when we started making gummies, they had a concentrate available. … Cranberries are used in a lot of applications for vitamin C supplements and things like that, so as we’re focusing on medicine and sustainability, cranberry flavoring just made sense.”

At the time, they told us that cranberry sauce was coming. And this month they followed through, releasing one that’s “made from fresh local cranberries, and Suncrafted’s award winning live rosin.” More from their team below about the process:

Cranberries in the freshly jarred sauce are sourced from farms located just miles from the Suncrafted facility, one example of the company’s local focus and effort to reduce shipping freight and emissions. The live rosin itself is a solventless concentrate from fresh frozen, then ice washed, sun grown cannabis, grown and processed at Suncrafted HQ. Live rosin is the most premium form of cannabis concentrate on the market in part due to the natural and solventless manufacturing process used to produce it. Antioxidant-rich cranberry seed oil is also added to help emulsify the concentrate in the sauce.

Among Thanksgiving holiday traditions, spirited debates at the dinner table can become elevated, making a dish enhanced with cannabis a welcome addition for many. Three teaspoons (or one tablespoon) of the sweet and tangy, staple holiday side contain just 5 milligrams of THC, a standard adult use or “recreational” dose of the active ingredient in cannabis. Higher dosage versions of the sauce are available to patients with a valid Massachusetts medical card. For reference, a “puff” of inhaled cannabis smoke is estimated to contain roughly 12-15 milligrams of THC.

In the release of this product Suncrafted is promoting awareness of its own Cannacran formula for one of the best cannabis gummies using some of the same natural ingredients, and the communal spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday. It is believed cranberries played an important role in the early Plymouth settlement, where the Wampanoag tribe introduced the Vitamin C rich fruit and other local food sources to the Pilgrim arrivals, thereby helping the travelers survive in the “New World.” Suncrafted recognizes this holiday and the cranberry, like the rest of Plymouth County, as important to the region’s history.

Needless to say, supplies are limited: “Suncrafted’s infused cranberry sauce will be available only at the company’s adult use and medical dispensary located in South Middleborough just off Exit 8 on Route 495. Pre-orders of the sauce are available by visiting the dispensary, ordering online at Supplies are limited for this seasonal release, and the company expects inventory to move fast as Thanksgiving nears, so consumers and patients are encouraged to reach out early to reserve sauce for their holiday tables.”