How Stoned Does This 98.59% TAC Dab Get Us?

Come for the THCA; stay because, let’s face it, you ain’t goin’ nowhere

I’m not what you’d call a TAC hunter, or one who deliberately spelunks for products with the highest-percentage of total active cannabinoids. I like potent grass and dabs for the sake of getting maximally buckled as much as the next lifelong stoner with a high tolerance, but I don’t go out of my way for big numbers. For the most part … 

But when I’m scrolling through a menu and one particular pick hovers over the others by more than 10%, then that is probably something I am going to investigate further.

In this case, the product in question is the White Star/Green Crack sugar from Middlesex Integrative Medicine (cultivation in Leominster). In a market largely dominated by big companies with pretty packaging, this nondescript number caught me off guard, and would have gone unnoticed if not for the digits.

Let’s take a closer look at those numbers—98.59% TAC, to be exact, whereas countless dabs that get you plenty blasted rally in the respectable low-eighties range. TAC, for those who need a quick refresher, stands for Total Active Cannabinoids, which means the sum of the many compounds that may be found in your product—from well-known ones like CBD and the beloved psychoactive delta-9 THC, to lesser-known but nonetheless valuable cannabinoid cousins. This sugar has an interesting breakdown, with less than 7% of that traditional THC and 90-plus percent THCA accounting for most of the impressive TAC.

What does this all mean? It depends on who you ask, and on the growing body of research on cannabinoid decarboxylation, or what happens to compounds like THCA when you burn them at various temperatures. What we do know for sure is that heat alters much of the THCA into THC, and therefore into what you might call a Saturday night substance. Is it deadlier than most dabs? I’m not sure I can say so for certain, but it sure does feel that way. It’s definitely a deliberate high that is compatible with gaming or tackling a difficult movie—qualities that fans of Green Crack in any form are probably familiar with.

And the specimen itself is also worth mentioning. These golden syrupy lumps, caviar-like in appearance, are easy to scoop and barely leave any byproduct behind. What you see is basically what you ingest, and what you are ingesting with this concentrate is something close to perfection if you’re hunting for massive TAC that triggers speediness instead of sleepiness.

Highly recommend.