Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Massachusetts Cannabis Investigator?

No, it’s not a good position for someone who wants to eat edibles all day long

Hey, you. Yeah, you over there! Do you have what it takes to “conduct inspections and investigations of licensed marijuana establishments in the Commonwealth to ensure understanding and compliance with laws, rules, and regulations”?

Because the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (Commission) is looking for investigators. From their posting: “A significant component of this position includes visiting marijuana establishments across the Commonwealth and completing regulatory compliance inspections/audits targeting operational requirements, and may include specific cultivation product manufacturing and, retail requirements as pertains to the license type, as well as facility management requirements. Investigator(s) assist in the administration of the registration and licensing compliance process for marijuana establishments and individual registered marijuana establishment agents as defined in the regulations.”

I’m not quick to make bad stoner jokes, but let’s just say it doesn’t read like a position that’s a good fit for someone who likes to wake and bake and take it slow. Not that applicants could or should necessarily be into actually consuming weed, since “the Cannabis Control Commission reserves the right to conduct and or require a physical pre-employment screening, in addition to drug and alcohol testing at its sole discretion.”

Among the more than 20 essential functions and responsibilities listed:

  • Conducts and reports about on-site inspections of marijuana establishments;
  • Tracks compliance with all relevant laws and regulations through on-site visits, auditing, and inspection of records;
  • Responds to inquiries from all the parties, constituents, and/or the public by providing outstanding customer service in a reasonable timeframe via on-site visits, telephone, email and/or other written correspondence; 
  • Assists with ongoing documentation and implementation of Commission policies and procedures to reflect best practices in this new industry;
  • Inspects procedures outlined in the marijuana establishment operational documents to ensure compliance with required seed-to-sale tracking;
  • Responds to rule violations, incidents, or complaints by issuing deficiency statements in a timely manner and evaluating and approving plans for corrective action;
  • Drafts investigative memoranda and other reports;

Plus a bunch of other responsibilities that have their own category including “communicates and, if assigned, works collaboratively with state and local agencies, including law enforcement and local boards of health” and “performs related duties such as maintaining records, attending meetings, and preparing correspondence including emails and letters.”

There are seemingly reasonable knowledge and skills requirements including: “ability to operate a motor vehicle,” “ability to use investigative techniques to obtain information,” “ability to work independently, as well as with teams,” “ability to spend much of the workweek traveling to marijuana establishment locations throughout the Commonwealth.”

And let’s not forget about the ability to have dispensary owners constantly waiting on and aggravated with you.

Oh, and you will need some education and relevant experience, including a “bachelor’s degree required; advanced degree preferred,” and “three years of full-time, or equivalent part-time, experience in investigatory or inspection work, or an equivalent or related field” or some qualifying substitutes.

For all that, you’re looking at $70,000 to $80,000 a year. They currently have 10 openings. Apply here.