Bite This: Koko Gemz

Flavors that transported us back to grammar school junk food runs

Let’s be real. With well over a thousand edible SKUs in the Mass market and new sips and bites showing up on store shelves every week if not daily, not every slice of pie will get its dollop, so to speak.

That’s fine. Not to be all cutthroat corporate merger monster-like or anything, but competition isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and when it comes to items that we physically consume, it’s probably a good idea to stick with the ones we give a thumbs-up to.

You might say that confectioners in the cannabis realm are fortunate, in that critical lessons via giants in the legacy non-infused space are known and accessible. For example, there are millions of fans of Hershey’s kisses and the same iconic chocolatier’s Cookies ‘N’ Creme bars, so companies can only win by taking leads like those and tweaking for the THC crowd.

Not that Koko Gemz are straight facsimiles of those cultural staples. The bonbons we tried are more like chocolatey tributes, with flavors that transported us back to grammar school junk food runs, all executed with the nuance you might discover in a box of elite sweet treats on Newbury Street. Like many hit infused interpolations, intentional and indirect salutes alike, Koko Gemz pluck multiple nostalgic notes while presenting uniquely in their own right.

Round on top and flat on the bottom with a size and shape like a stemless mushroom on a dime (they won’t roll away, if that’s a concern), these come in individually wrapped foils—which is good, because under looser circumstances, we’d be tempted to go overboard. 

Meanwhile, the buzz comes nicely 5mg at a time. As hinted at above, we’re especially fond of their Cookies N’ Cream number; the perfect mix of light and dark fairy dust smashed into a smooth, dank, and dense knuckle cluster, they’re worthy of your highest shelf. 

We also bit into the milk and dark chocolate varieties, and found them to be comparably solid. The texture is rewarding, demanding a slight effort to chomp through the spheres chased by a mouthful of sharp flaky fun.

We could assume that the mint, sea salt, and peanut butter varieties follow the same pattern, but instead of just guessing we might as well go and taste for ourselves.

Koko Gemz Handmade Infused Chocolates