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In Germany, Those 18+ Can Legally Possess Cannabis Next Week

Legislation permitting the personal possession and home cultivation of limited amounts of cannabis cleared its final parliamentary hurdle on Friday.

Members of Parliament’s upper house gave their approval to the measure. That vote followed approval from the lower chamber in February.

The measure allows residents ages 18 and older to possess (up to 25 grams) and home cultivate cannabis (up to three plants) beginning on April 1st. Not-for-profit cannabis clubs will be permitted to grow and provide cannabis for their members beginning on July 1st.

Neither commercial cannabis production, retail sales, nor marijuana-related advertising is permitted under the measure. Marijuana sales to minors will also remain strictly prohibited, with offenders facing penalties of up to two years imprisonment.

Last year, similar legislation took effect in the European nation of Luxembourg. That followed a similar move in 2021 by lawmakers on the island of Malta.

German lawmakers previously approved the limited use of medical cannabis products in 2017.

This article was republished from NORML.