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The Longtime Mass Cannabis Supporters From TREE Drop New Video

Visuals for “Cheats At Golf” by New England documentary filmmaker and satirist Rod Webber

If there’s one creative personality from Boston’s punk rock and art scene who would likely deface a memorial built to honor Mass pot heroes even if his face was on it because he doesn’t believe in shit like that—then that person is Dave Tree, a longstanding supporter of commonwealth cannabis culture.

And also perhaps Rob Potylo, aka Robby Roadsteamer, who along with Tree has been campaigning to return Boston to its once ideal state with their Make Boston Shitty Again initiative.

And so it’s fitting that while Tree is on the trail and in full-tilt Election Year mode that his band TREE would release a new clip lampooning one of his favorite political targets, the actual absurd GOP offering for president. The video for “Cheats at Golf” was shot by Rod Webber with the track recorded at Galaxy Park Studios by Richard Marr and mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering. More from the band:

“Cheats at Golf” combines hardcore punk, politics, journalism and sportsmanship into one song. Golf is a gentleman’s sport played with your friends so if you are willing to cheat at golf on your friends, what else are you willing to cheat on? Speaks volumes of your character, so turn that up to 11. 

“Cheats at Golf” is the first of six songs to be set free from the upcoming release, Through the Darkness. TREE plans on releasing a song at a time with accompanying video, online then on vinyl.  The new material, much like the old TREE material, has a critical view on our current political, social and economic realities conveyed with a sense of urgency and humor. 

TREE’s next headlining show is at Brighton Music Hall on June 29.