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Inbox: Cannabis Center of Excellence Launches New Education Resource 

Those interested in learning more about cannabis can explore past and present research projects, FAQs about the endocannabinoid system, and virtual event recaps

As the cannabinoid research front continues to expand in Massachusetts, from universities to advocacy groups, the Cannabis Center of Excellence (CCOE) has emerged as a leader. Organizing studies and presenting findings on topics like veteran use over the past several years, the nonprofit has put stats and numbers behind ideas and developments that are at the forefront of patient and industry inquiry. 

Late last year, Dr. Marion McNabb of the CCOE presented research into “Cannabis as an Alternative to Substance and Drug Use” during the Cannabis Science Fair at the Harvard Science Center. And now, in their latest announcement, the center launched its iCount: Research and Education Resource, where “citizens, medical cannabis patients, healthcare providers, policy makers, and researchers can access eight different CCOE studies and data since 2017, data reports from CCOE research and other datasets, educational resources, and more.”

The new portal, per a media release, was overhauled by Kief Studio and is “intended to provide access to evidence-based information to help inform personal choices about cannabis use for harm reduction, as well as integration into other lifestyle and wellness regimens.” “Those interested in learning more about cannabis can explore the CCOE’s past and present research projects; educational FAQs about the endocannabinoid system; weekly blog content including virtual event recaps; press releases,” and more.

Visitors can also “view a set of open-access study findings through the website and gain access to CCOE’s full library of research data, publications, and presentations,” plus “access educational presentations given by the CCOE and Dr. McNabb since 2017, including presenting research findings from CCOE studies including veterans health; consumer and patient access and preference to medical cannabis; healthcare provider awareness of medical cannabis; and COVID-19 and cannabis consumers impact.”

For those looking to learn even more, and with a personal touch, the CCOE recently concluded its Cannabis as an Alternative study and will host a three-part webinar series this spring in collaboration with Dr. Peter Grinspoon of MGH and Harvard Medical School. The “interactive educational series will share results from the recent CCOE study and provide clinical and policy recommendations regarding medical cannabis as a harm reduction alternative to address the growing opioid epidemic in Massachusetts,” while “attendees will have the opportunity to engage in lively discussion and Q&A with experts.”

The webinars, which are sponsored by Talking Joints Memo, Caroline’s Cannabis, Green Lion Partners, and Gibby’s Garden, are free to attend and will be held remotely by Zoom on March 19, April 23, and May 20. Registration for the first event is free and live now