Legends Of The Fall: Fernway Punches Beyond Its Popular Pumpkin Picks

From a cranberry jam vape to seasonal infused prerolls, this year’s smorgasbord is smoking

Once upon a time, before imposter beer snobs waged a war on everything autumnal, those of us who wrote about and worshiped craft beer prior to it really being called that hunted down the nicest spiced October offerings every fall.

We returned to bars like Bukowski’s in Boston that had excellent selections in previous years, and even called up breweries to see where they had dropped off kegs and six-packs. Southern Tier’s earliest incarnations of what later became their signature Pumpking spark multiple memories, as do debates about preferred and acceptable flavors.

Needless to say, all of the above is mirrored in the legal weed market. We’re still in the early stages of research and development, and will likely see nanotech turkeys with infused stuffing packed in a simple pill like in the Jetsons within a few years, but some companies have already accomplished quite a bit.

Any mention of fall cannabis in Massachusetts has to start with Fernway. While their flagship pumpkin spice vape seasonals are every bit as nuanced and reliable as a thick pour of suds from Southern Tier, this year the fast-expanding market force went all-out, featuring stone fruit, honeycrisp apple, vanilla lavender, and berry carts that conjure warm November memories in ways that crass spooky commercial pandering so rarely captures. Especially the lavender, which hits the nostrils like something that Frasier Crane puts in his bath blend.

If you want to restore peace at the Thanksgiving dinner table, we recommend their cranberry jam vape. Or, if it’s flower that you’re looking to bring to the last outdoor parties of 2023, then go for Fernway’s pumpkin spice terpene-infused prerolls. Either way, you’re swimming in a colorful abyss of glistening New England leaves, and if you’re vaping, you’re exactly as stoned as you care to be since you can simply click a button every time you want to up the ante.

Look, we didn’t write the rules for how to smoke and vape in autumn, but we are happy to fall in line.