Fall Fashion: A Few Of Our Favorite Seasonal Drops

The witch is back, plus pumpkin cold brew and autumnal gummies

We will begin with a product that you should start every fall day with as long as you can find them on the shelf—the pumpkin spice version of Zenith’s excellent nitro cold brew via the Drinkable Company. Already a killer cannabis and caffeine combo in its original form, this special seasonal is slightly sweeter with a smoother finish and pours as perfect a head as anything we’ve ever seen out of a can. If you find these, hoard them; take our word for it, while the pumpkin numbers are supposed to be available through the end of November, it’s unlikely that they will last that long.

“As a newly available brand in the cannabis beverage space, we want to make sure we’re offering cannabis consumers something new, yet relatable,” Mark Mahoney, CEO and co-founder of the Drinkable Company said in a statement. “When you think fall, you think pumpkin. This limited-edition flavor is just one of many future seasonal flavors, and we’re excited to continue giving new and existing consumers something to look forward to.”

Photo by Craig Capello

Next up is Levia, which executes on every new release in our sampling experience. The infused seltzer brand smacked it out of the park with its cherry lemonade summer seasonal, which is probably their most delicious drink to date, and for fall they have returned with their much heavier Blueberry Cobbler. In their words: “the witch is back.”

Indeed she is. Dark and semi sweet with a dramatic aftertaste that stays tattooed on your thalamus long after touching your tongue, tonsils, and tummy, it’s the kind of taste that has you scratching your head and trying to figure out what it reminds you of. For us, it’s that time we jumped into a vat of blueberries after sliding face-first into a sweet cold pie. This one packs a lot of punch, and we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that fans are cutting it with ordinary seltzer, fruit juice, or something autumn adjacent like cider.

“Each flavor drop gives us the opportunity to provide consumers with a unique twist on our seltzers,” Levia Co-Founder and Brand Manager Kristin Rogers said in a statement. They also dropped a limited edition t-shirt to go with the can design by artist Dean McKeever. Rogers continued, “As we bring back a fan favorite to the market, we wanted to further engage with Levia fans by offering fun, haunting apparel they can wear while they sip the Halloween seltzer.”

Another company that really stands out for its seasonal selections is Insa, which in the past has even cooked up champagne gummies for New Year’s Eve. For fall 2023, they have a maple waffle chocolate bar with cookie crumbs that will transport you to a warm place, all while dazzling your taste buds in confectionary fashions that only a competent chocolatier can conjure. They’re 30% cacao and 100% kapow, and sophisticated enough to bring as a gift to a swank dinner party. And when it is time for dessert, that’s when you can break out Insa’s new caramel apple drops. Vegetarian and gluten free, they actually taste and feel like you are biting into a Golden Delicious fresh out of a Dutch oven.

Meanwhile, the top-selling Betty’s Eddies has a new limited-edition batch of apple pie chews for autumn called Sweater Weather Betty’s. From the source: “Available starting in late October at select cannabis retailers throughout Massachusetts, Maryland, and Delaware, each Sweater Weather Betty’s fruit chew is infused with a relaxing combination of full-spectrum cannabis (5mg in Massachusetts and Delaware; 10mg in Maryland) and the minor cannabinoid CBG (5mg).” And yes, they’re made with real apples.

“Fall is known for nostalgic flavors like apple pie, which summon memories like cozy gatherings at home and apple picking excursions with friends,” Jay O’Malley, vice president of marketing and research and development at Betty’s Eddies maker MariMed said in a statement. “The warm, delectable flavor of our new Sweater Weather Betty’s fruit chew is the perfect accompaniment to any fall and winter activity.”