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New Drop Alert: Preroll Packs Of Piff From Chemdog

The Smash Stash Half is a sativa smorgasbord

We reached out to Greg “Chemdog” Krzanowski last November after learning he was bringing good old-fashioned NYC Haze, also known as Piff, to the Mass adult-use market through his Smash Hits brand and Canna Provisions dispensaries.

“It’s a true medicinal strain,” the iconic East Coast cultivator told us. “You can smoke the stuff and you’ll just go off and clean your house. It’s crazy. Some people will tell you that they get a little panicky from it, it’s like that. It’s been one of my favorite strains from back in the day.”

Canna Provisions Co-Founder and COO Erik Williams added: “The bottom line is that we rarely see landrace strains and particularly landrace sativas. This doesn’t look like any other weed on the market.”

At the time, they weren’t sure of how long they would keep growing NYC Haze. Despite Chemdog’s popularity, the Smash Hits team predicted a possible disconnect between the odd-looking throwback variety and consumers, and so they started by releasing 300 eighths for a first batch, followed by approximately 5,500 bud and sugar-leaf prerolls.

Fast-forward to February, and the Piff is officially part of the family. Per Canna Provisions, it’s even featured in the sativa variety of the company’s new Smash Stash Half, a glass jar stuffed with 14 1g prerolls that are color coded by strain.

Zour Diesel

In addition to the NYC Haze, the sativa stash also includes 7 1g joints of Chemdog’s “new small batch drop from his Z crosses”—a Smash Hits Zour Diesel cross of Sour Diesel and Zkittles.

From the Smash Hits team: “Life forces you to make choices. Sometimes that choice is either to land some Zkittles—itself a High-Times Cannabis Cup winner—or go for some classic Sour Diesel, a multiple award winner in its own right. Now thanks to this Smash Hits special strain, one doesn’t have to choose any more.”

They continued: “This was crossed right in our Sheffield craft cultivation to be the best of both worlds. When the sugarfruit and creamy sweetness of Zkittles collides with the sour grapefruit and gassy petrol fumes of the crowd favorite Sour Diesel, you are left with a strain that soars to the highest belfries of your cannabis consuming cathedral.”