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Pot Shots: Gardin Indoor & Outdoor Garden Shop

A cornucopia of cannabis education and grow supplies just south of Boston

Just because a town has a ban on retail cannabis doesn’t mean people can’t learn about the plant or gather with fellow enthusiasts there.

As an example, I recently discovered an amazing grow supply store south of Boston in Braintree. Located off the beaten path in an industrial area, Gardin Indoor & Outdoor Garden Shop is a great resource for cultivators at any level. The multi-purpose open space also functions as a community platform for classes on subjects like making hash and pressing buds to produce distillate, as well as panel discussions on topics like edibles, with a number of other sessions lined up for the future.

Gardin proprietor Matt Reisman said his team’s mission is to “push the future of home agriculture and gardening—from Aquaponics, to Zero-waste compost.” Education’s also front and center, with the crew happy to offer advice along with supplies. Their pricing is competitive, and for people who are just starting out, they have the equipment and the answers you need before planting your first seeds.

I took the trip down for an event hosted by Gardens by Gilf, a genetics-focused company that’s also based south of the hub. For this outing, they were joined by Golden Remedies Medibles, a maker of infused foods, as well as Baked Baker and Canntrepreneur—all of whom are knowledgeable about making edibles and different processes for infusing oil, sugar, or butter.

All together, it was a prime environment and opportunity to ask other hobbyists and pros alike about their sourcing and techniques. One gem I took away from the class was that it is important to consider the native environment of a strain, and the length of that region’s particular grow season.

And of course, it’s always fun to meet people who are doing interesting things with cannabis, and who share similar interests. Per house rules, you can’t smoke inside of Gardin, so following the class some of us moved outside to puff. Judging by the high-quality herb they were passing around, the people who shop and attend classes here are seeing—and smoking—some great results.

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