Pot Shots: HighTide’s Miami Beach Happy Hour-Themed Launch Party

An early highlight in the Year of the Cannabis-Infused Beverage

It was clear that we were partying with more than just the usual reclined cannabis crowd at HighTide‘s infused margarita product release at the Charles River Speedway in Brighton last night. With founders from every corner of the beverage world, from pop to hops to now pot, their team threw a party packed with the energy of a craft beer launch back when that was still something that people got amped about.

I’d tried the un-infused version of all three HighTide styles before, and have a proper review dropping soon now that I’ve enjoyed the real thing; I don’t drink traditional tequila margaritas, so I’ll be tipping their refreshing THC spins on these classics on the regular. You can quote me when I say that this is going to be a significantly massive year for beverages and that these subtle and extremely crushable cans will be frequently spotted near boats, beaches, and pools from Wellfleet to Williamstown.

The theme for Thursday’s bash was Miami Beach happy hour, with fitting attire suggested though hardly required. What transpired was a canna rager for the ages, complete with the HighTide trio of their Classic Margarita (watermelon, key lime, and agave), Spicy Diablo Margarita (key lime, pineapple, jalapeño, and agave), and Watermelon Margarita (watermelon, key lime, and agave). Congrats to their whole team on getting the product to market; I’ll be hitting a dispensary in a few hours to pick up a couple of four-packs for the weekend.