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Pot Shots: Not Finna S.K.A.T.E. Round 2 @ New Día

A recap from the competition with 16 top Mass skaters on 4/20 in Boston

All photos by Erik Fralick

A whole lot of shit went down across Mass and beyond for 4/20, but nothing quite like the second round of Not Finna S.K.A.T.E. at New Día near Fenway Park. The live event took place on the floor of the cannabis mall and featured head-to-head rounds with live color commentating and giveaways from sponsors plus a mass of fans on hand.

Between rounds, athletes visited the Windy Village Wellness co-op popup and tested CBD topicals, while others hung out in the lounge feasting on Dave’s Hot Chicken sandwiches and sipping beverages from drink sponsors Liquid Death, Grim Reaper Coffee Co, and C4 Energy.

The four-hour game included a bracket-style competition with 16 of Greater Boston’s top underground skaters. Ben Tenner of Watertown came in second place, while Jon McParland of Ipswich won the gold along with a $1,000 prize that included a gift set from 

New Día, the Collab Group, Laced Canna, Micro Bar, Breathe Free, Harbor House Collective, Auxo Roamer, and Rolling Releaf. 

Pro skater Brian Reid was the official scorekeeper, and Nick “Big” Murray, owner of Fancy Lad Skateboards, was the official referee.