Stoners Are Easy To Shop For—Especially With This Holiday Bliss List

Rudolph the red-eyed reindeer had a very terpy dablicator

It’s so hard to shop for people these days.

Unless they get high. Then it’s pretty easy. Here’s what to do … 

Go to Michael’s, or Goodwill. Or some kind of thrift or craft store …

Get a basket, something nice but hopefully not too expensive since you’ll want to save your money for the weed part of the gift. It can be plastic, metal, or whatever, but again, be sure to fill it with cannabis. And paraphernalia.

That probably sounds simple enough, but with recreational grass comes the added confusion of having too much to choose from. The same can be said for accessory accessibility—there are plenty of small towns in Mass without a book-or-toy store but one or two head-and-vape shops, or at least a wide variety of dab rigs and rolling papers at the local gas station.

But again—with all those choices, what the hell makes for a solid gift? We’re here to help. This is the first of many year-end best-of, shopping, and holiday cannabis guides we will drop over the next few weeks, so we tried to tee off by covering several bases—from devices, to actual products, to guilty pleasures.

Aromatic Cedar PotPocket ($24.95)

We typically write our own snappy descriptions about products, but this damn thing is just so simple and to the point that we figured the wording provided by the Hopedale, Mass-based Green Goddess Supply, which just acquired this perennial favorite brand, is more than adequate: “A PotPocket is a wooden carrying case for rolled joints, cones, blunts or cigarettes. Its convenient and attractive design allows for carrying up to three pre-rolls in a discreet manner.” Also, “The case is uniquely designed to extinguish a lit joint simply by placing it into one of the three self closing compartments.” Available in three sizes.

PAX 3 ($175)

With some exceptions, like with film and entertainment where the least talented lowest-common-denominator schmucks get most of the shine, there’s typically a reason that market leaders come to dominate their markets. In the case of PAX, it’s not about hype but rather reliability and versatility, and the third-generation version of this nifty palm stick really is all that and a big bag of snacks. The session vape heats up in 20 seconds whether with flower or concentrates, and the PAX 3 has 25% more battery capacity than its predecessor. Includes: two mouthpieces, standard and half-pack lids, a dab insert, a multi-tool, a maintenance kit, and of course a cable. Most importantly, it burns wax, crumble, and shatter better than most dab-specific devices, and roasts buds better than most handhelds you can only vape raw weed with.

Green Gold Group Liquid Gold Dablicator ($60)

If there’s someone in your life who enjoys indulging in the occasional infused pre-rolled joint, then there is probably someone in your life who is tired of paying astronomical prices for those products. Lucky for them, Green Gold Group recently introduced what may be the most advanced stoner accessory of the year, if not the goddamn decade. This is for serious heads who are also into arts and crafts; imagine a syringe-like pen device filled with a gram of concentrated cannabis that you can use to coat—or dablicate, if we’re being specific—the inside and/or exterior of a blunt or joint with an added sweet and sticky dose. Currently available in Reba or Sour Diesel strains.

Multi-Color Terp Pearls ($7.95)

No, these aren’t anal beads. Unless you want them to be, though we don’t recommend it. Rather, “these 6mm glass beads help push your concentrates around inside your banger to help melt and vaporize quicker, increase surface area, and reduce burning.” The three-pack includes one clear, one pink, and one deep red bead, or they also offer glow-in-the-dark Luminous Terp Pearls. For professionals only.

Session Goods Tinted Glass Ashtray & Debowler ($48)

We’re not necessarily recommending this specific ashtray. It’s an awesome one—“table-safe” and “made from sexy black-tinted borosilicate glass, with a silicone base to keep it from scratching anything up”—but more importantly, our larger point is that there is a whole world of ash and roach receptacles out there that you and your cannabis-loving friend who you need to bless with a great present may not know about. And yes, some even have a resealable silicone lid, which is a bonus; if the person you’re buying for is cheap, this is a chance to get them to banish those stinky blackened Pepsi cans from their disgusting coffee table once and for all.

Cannabolish Cannabis Odor Removing Lavender Candle ($14.99)

Obviously, we don’t give a shucking fit about people who don’t like the smell of weed. But let’s pretend for a second that we do. These Cannabolish candles, which “safely destroy cannabis smoke odor molecules in the air,” not only do the trick, but they’re not offensive-smelling either. They’re soy and they burn clean, and the glow may even make you horny. While we’re gushing, their non-aerosol sprays are also mild and effective; we typically hate things that don’t reek as good as the weed they are meant to mask, but again, if you must, consider Cannabolish, and if you’re buying for a smoker whose stench you’re looking to cloak, then look no further for the perfect gift.


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SmokeProper ($19.99)

For the joint rollers. This sleek keychain kit comes with two filter tips, a tweezer/poker, enough storage for more than a gram, and coolest of all, a spindle for extra-wide rolling papers. The perfect stocking stuffer for someone who likes to stuff their own.

Helix Pipe ($45)

We spent more time over the past year than one should openly acknowledge spelunking in glass shops and all over the web for the perfect hitter. Sometimes that is just a chillum; other times, it is an old-school metal cigarette batty. But this holiday season, especially if you are James Bond or aspirationally Bond adjacent, the gadget any back-door toker will appreciate is this “precision-crafted,” “pure, non-toxic brass” bullet with a “sticky filter” for residue “creating a debris-free experience.” And it stays as cool in temperature as it looks in its profile. Comes in gunmetal, black, rose gold, or maritime blue.

Customized Pre-pack (Prices Vary)

You probably know what Pre-packs are by now, whether you realize it or not. They’re the disposable pharmaceutical-grade glass chillums that you never want to throw out, and that, if you’re anything like us, are steadily accumulating on the shelf next to your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures. The artsier the design wrapped around the glass, the better, and with this much lead time you can even customize a six-pack for a friend. Needless to say, as a bonus, fill them with weed.

Ardent Mini ($260)

We’ve always been a big fan of the Ardent Nova. It’s beyond convenient and uniquely helps harness the most out of your decarboxylated herb. You know where this is going—their new can is smaller and more affordable, a full-on winner. The Mini has three separate settings: THC and CBG, CBD, and infuse. You can also use the unit itself to bake small items, or to “hold up to one ounce of flower depending on density and six ounces of oil.” Probably the best gift imaginable for that person in your life who is always baking anyway and might as well throw activated weed into the mix.