New Adult-Use Dispensaries Open In Boston & Somerville This Week

Image via Sira Naturals

Sira and Budega recreational shops bring us closer to the cannabis landscape promised by legalization

Some days, we wake up in Massachusetts cannabis heaven and are like, Wow, there’s a dispensary on every corner!

Other days, we remember that even six years after commonwealth voters pulled to legalize recreational sales, we still have fewer than a dozen adult-use spots in Boston proper, and just one in Somerville (shoutouts to The Goods in Somerville, where you can order ahead or make an appointment, and to Yamba Market in Cambridge for breaking the seals in those cities earlier this year). But that finally seems to be changing, and quickly … 

Image via Sira Naturals

On Monday, Ayr Wellness began adult-use sales at its Sira Naturals location at 240 Elm St. in Davis Square. It’s their third rec store following AYR Back Bay and AYR Watertown (Sira already had medical sales in Somerville, and serves med patients in Needham as well).

“We are excited to add adult-use sales to our Somerville location, introducing our portfolio of high-quality branded products to more cannabis consumers, as we continue to serve our loyal medical patients at this location,” Ayr Founder and CEO Jonathan Sandelman said in a media statement. “We are grateful to our neighbors in Somerville, who have been phenomenal partners from the first day Sira Naturals opened to serve medical patients in 2017. We look forward to further strengthening our place in the community and being a force for good in Somerville.”

More from Ayr below:

Sira Naturals and Ayr Wellness have been long dedicated to enacting positive change in the Somerville community. As a member of the Medical Marijuana Community Benefits Association (CBA), the Company collaboratively developed prevention, diversion and mental health policy and programs for children and young adults. As a founding member of CulivatED, the Company strengthened its commitment to social justice in Somerville by focusing on equity for those most disproportionately harmed by cannabis prohibition. Through these memberships and other community initiatives, Ayr remains committed to the tradition of social justice and community service as a Force for Good within the Somerville community and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

“We are grateful to the City of Somerville for creating an adult use cannabis program grounded in social justice and equity – concepts that underlie Ayr’s voluntary community partnerships with the Community Action Agency of Somerville (CAAS) and UFCW local 1445,” Sandelman added. “Community is the most important aspect of our business, as it defines who we are as a company. Now, as we welcome adult-use consumers to our Somerville location, we look forward to creating even stronger ties to the local community.”

It’s up to you, the consumer, to hold them to those promises. While you’re shopping there for flower and edibles, of course.

Image via High Profile X Budega

Meanwhile, in Roslindale, the Michigan-based High Profile and their local partner Budega cuts the ribbon at their second of three Hub shops on Tuesday, Nov. 29 at 10am at 3995 Washington St. As we reported from their Dot shop opening in March:

Then there’s Budega CEO Chavez, whose family’s business background is in owning bodegas in Boston, two of which have been converted into the next dispensaries they’re opening—one on Dudley Street in Roxbury, the other on Washington Street in Roslindale. Brian is the only social equity applicant to secure three locations in Boston, and with his brother Jaison have accomplished quite a feat in pulling them across the finish line. With Dot now fully operational, the Rox and Rozzie openings are imminent.

As for the High Profile side of the name, that comes from their C3 partners, who enter the mix and Mass market with their Cloud Cover vapes, flower, and concentrates from their cultivation and processing plant in Franklin.

It’s worth mentioning that we visited said Franklin facility, and that their products are fire. If you want to see for yourself, check them out in Dorchester or Roslindale. Budega offers deli-style weed, so the budtender will even hold the jar up to your nose (using a safety lid) so that you can safely smell the buds without contaminating them.