Dig This: The Cannabis Science Fair @ Harvard Science Center

Prepare for “an afternoon of cannabis science exhibition and exploration”

As we keep on saying, it’s been amazing to see so many cannabis events popping up, from ones you can smoke at to straight info sessions. 

But while there have been many happenings of late, there haven’t been any quite like the upcoming “showcase for cannabis research” organized by MCR Labs at Harvard Science Center on Dec. 3. “Styled after the school fairs that ignited our scientific passions, the Cannabis Science Fair will showcase some of the great cannabis science and innovation taking place here in Massachusetts.”

Furthermore, “This event will bring universities, hospitals, researchers, chemists, and medical practitioners together for an evening of cannabis science exhibition and exploration that will fuel collaboration and shine a spotlight on our expanding knowledge and understanding of cannabis.”

The fair is part of MCR’s Science Over Stigma campaign, which has also included events around issues like prohibition and data integrity in order to advocate “for open discussions on the science and research of cannabis and how to best employ this knowledge to build policies, legislature, and cultivation best practices backed by science and data, not misconceptions and stigmas.”

“As the industry evolves, laws and regulations must be shaped by science rather than the stereotypes and falsehoods that have undermined cannabis for over a century,” MCR explains. “Everyday, new research is released that furthers our collective understanding of cannabis. It is crucial to incorporate this emerging information into our legislation and business practices. As an industry leader with access to one of the largest cannabis data sets on the east coast, MCR Labs is excited to help guide these conversations.”