Story Of Mass Detective Who Reportedly Gave Lover Seized Weed Now National News

The cannabis is the least sexy part of the alleged plotline

Perhaps it has something to do with the sub-headline published by the Boston Globe in last month’s article which put this wild romance on the map in the first place: “The story of sex, crime, and double-crosses seemed straight from a film script.”

Why and how it blew up aside, it’s not surprising that news of a “retired [New Bedford] police detective [having] a years-long affair with an alleged New England heroin kingpin’s fiancee during which he had sex with her in a patrol car” has become national news. As Fox is now reporting, “a Massachusetts woman engaged to an alleged heroin dealer says [the] detective used her as an official informant.” More from Fox below:

Former New Bedford Police detective Jared Lucas was the subject of an internal investigation this year that found he had an affair with Carly Medeiros and likely used his power as a law enforcement officer to protect her from legal troubles, the Boston Globe reported last month, citing the New Bedford internal affairs report.

Medeiros first sounded the alarm on Lucas’ conduct in an affidavit last year, but prosecutors dismissed her account as uncorroborated and her affidavit wasn’t released to the public, according to the Globe. The outlet subsequently began its own investigation into Medeiros’ claims, sparking the internal review that reportedly led to the department finding the woman’s claims have merit.

Medeiros said that going back to 2014, she had met regularly with Lucas, even allegedly staying at his home and introducing him to her mother and sister. Medeiros is the fiancee of Steven Ortiz, an alleged Massachusetts heroin dealer currently awaiting trial on drug trafficking and conspiracy charges.

The two began a sexual relationship in 2014 or 2015, according to her account to the Globe, after Lucas informed her Ortiz was cheating. The affair allegedly included the two of them having sex in the front seat of his police cruiser while he was on-duty.

And of course, there’s cannabis involved: “[Lucas] also allegedly provided her seized marijuana.” But according to the Globe, that’s the least of anyone’s concerns at this point: “the internal police investigation did not include [an] assessment on [that] claim from Medeiros.”