The Bud Boat: Happy Valley Hits The High Seas With Cannabis Cruise

“Live music, delicious munchies, and a variety of products available to sample.”

We should start by saying that if the idea of joining fellow stoners for a night of nautical consumption sounds as sweet to you as it did to our crew, then you may want to skip this post and grab tickets to this cannabis cruise immediately. The hosts at Happy Valley report that it is already halfway to sold out.

As for the larger picture and long game, events like this are critical as companies experiment within the boundaries of what is possible as regulators work on an official social consumption program. These are private parties, and beyond being fun they are a glimpse into the future. Here’s how Happy Valley is going about it …

They can’t hold tickets, so you have to get them in person at either of their locations. You can just walk in, or you have the option of pre-ordering online (Gloucester | East Boston) and then physically getting your tickets and paying in-store later the same day. No matter what, you have to “show up at the cruise [in Gloucester Harbor on the Privateer IV] with your physical ticket in hand ready to party” prior to the 7pm departure on Friday, July 14.

In their words: “This is the perfect way to enjoy the summer breeze and smoke in your face. Take a ride on the high seas with your friends and enjoy the beautiful views of the coastline. With live music and delicious munchies, this is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this one-of-a-kind event.”

Oh, and we saved the best for last: “You can smoke all the cannabis you want on the boat”; “a plethora of Happy Valley products will be provided to sample throughout the evening”(yes, that includes a dab bar); plus you can bring your own products and paraphernalia; there’s an alcohol cash bar; and DJ Shane Gardner will be on the decks all night. Plus swag, games, the works.