The Cannabis-Infused Marmalade Fruit Snack You Never Knew You Needed

If Paddington is suddenly extremely stoned, these treats may be the culprit

They look like gummies.

In a lot of ways, they also taste like gummies.

Technically they are gummies, though unlike a lot of infused stretchy-soft sugary treats, they have no gelatin, so they’re vegan with no fat or cholesterol at all.

We’re of course talking about Marmas, the bouncy juice bombs brought to the Bay State by 4Front Ventures (and often found at their Mission dispensaries). Depending on which legal state you’re in and what releases are out at any given moment, you might luck into passion fruit, sour apple, sour grape, or any number of their 30 other offerings, some with varying amounts of CBD to cushion the THC dose.

Of the bunch, we sampled the raspberry lemonade bites. Though not labeled sativa, they hit energetically and include enough THCV, which is often found in energetic strains, to register in lab tests complementing the Delta-9 THC predominance.

As far as the flavor zing goes, we’re a bit embarrassed to say that while three of us sat around licking and tasting and racking our brains to pinpoint surreptitious undercurrents, we ultimately agreed that the win here comes not from some creeper notes but instead from sharp execution of the intended lemony-ras swirl. 

It’s going to take lots of effort to sample all 30 or so, but for now we’ve had the Georgia peach ones as well and they too hit the mark. One of these days, when the full line is finally available in Mass, we’ll definitely try the 1:1 THC:CBD editions of those as well as other flavors, plus editions that are available with live resin.

On the impact front, Marmas actually worked for us all on subsequent days, in a few cases even hitting harder on follow-up evenings, which is rare. While aesthetically, one thing we adore about them is how the soft sandpaper finish comes not as a result of simple sugar coating dusted on top after the fact, but is instead the gem’s natural exterior, as much a part of the whole as its non-gelatinous jelly center.

Lastly, these are as pillowy soft as you would want a gummy to be, featuring the sort of malleable consistency that leaves detailed molar marks. Before chomping down though, we recommend sticking one or more between your tongue and the roof of your mouth and squeezing. Though full-bodied and sturdy in their rectangular cuboid form, Marmas are plush enough below the surface to make it feel like they are going to burst in your mouth. Be careful if you’re prone to gleeking, this could get a little messy.