The Infused Ice Melt-ing In Our Mouths Amid So Much Mocktail Mania

Not only are these THC cubes practical, they’re necessary for the advancement of humankind

First, a warning: any mention to a non-cannabis user (and even some heads who indulge) that you purchased infused ice cubes will be met with a comment like, Shut the hell up. … Are you pulling my leg?

But we are not pulling your leg or anyone else’s unless their foot is blocking our freezer. Because in our icebox, buried under frozen vegetables so children won’t find them, are multiple bags of Melt infused ice. With 10 small cubes per tray for a total of 50mg of THC, we’re beginning to consider them to be among the most casual and convenient delivery methods around.

How so? Well, for one, we simply enjoy biting on these icy nuggets. They’re hardly larger than a Hershey’s kiss and actually gnash quite pleasantly. You can check our teeth because we’re plenty stoned and smiling, and you’ll see that none are newly broken.

Or if you are not some kind of saber toothed sadist, you may want to follow the product’s name and let some dissolve in your mouth, or even in a drink before gulping it down. Made from natural fruit juice and distilled water, they mix in slowly and evenly. We threw the plain ones in everything from Red Bull to spiked seltzer to coffee, and used the lime and lemon cubes for mocktails, cocktails, and also plain water, sometimes five or more at a time. Trust us—if the idea of infused ice seems silly at first, your skepticism will disappear along with your first 10-pack.

And since you are probably wondering—they don’t have to be stored frozen, which means that at 50mg per sealed tray, shops that can’t stock many beverages due to space restrictions might have room for Melt. That’s especially exciting since the makers at Highdration Kitchen in Framingham plan on adding to the original-lemon-lime lineup, making for the kind of flavor drops that heads like us are always chasing after.

Of course, if you ask the manufacturer, it’s all according to plan.

“We know from early concept research that there’s a real market for a cannabis beverage enhancement that caters to the DIY beverage consumer,” Highdration Kitchen Founder and CEO Harry Groome said. “People love the ritual of creating and serving their own drink recipes and our melt cubes offer a fun and social way to add more life to those drinks.”

We concur.