This Week In Mass Cannabis Sales Records, Headlines & Stupidity

Commonwealth passes previous month’s adult-use sales mark by more than $3 million

We don’t aggregate too many articles by other outlets at Talking Joints Memo since, if it happened in Massachusetts cannabis, then we are probably covering it ourselves.

But of course there are exceptions, like when another publication runs something worth noting because it is exceptionally good—or, alternatively, because it is exceptionally silly.

First up … more than a week after innumerable local as well as national cannabis and non-cannabis outlets jumped on the sudden announcement of the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission executive director’s exit, at least one major area TV station covered the substance of what the agency has been doing these past few months.

We don’t exactly endorse the WCVB story, “New regulations aim to level the marijuana playing field in Mass” (we have you covered on the actual details of what regulators approved), but it’s worth noting that some bigs are paying attention to Host Community Agreements (HCAs) and other esoteric yet important stories.

Elsewhere, this piece via WWLP in Western Mass titled “This Massachusetts city has some of the priciest cannabis in the nation” is some of the crappiest clickbait imaginable. Based on information from a data aggregation company whose name the writer doesn’t even bother to spell right in the post, it’s nothing but a jumble of numbers you may have seen already, like that a gram of Mass weed hit a record low of $5.82 in June.

As for the priciest weed in the Bay State—according to their source, it’s Boston. Which is probably true but hardly surprising and a shortsighted conclusion since there are more dispensaries, deals, and delivery services in and around the Hub now than ever before.

And then there is the latest headline news, offered by the CCC at noon today, that “Massachusetts’ adult-use Marijuana Retailers set a new record for sales in a single month, generating $136 million in July 2023.” As the agency noted on social media, “That surpasses the all-time high of $132.9 million they just achieved in June.”

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