Three Infused Cannabis Edibles You Can Jam A Bunch Of Into Your Mouth At Once

Consuming many Do Drops, Joy Bombs, and Grandma Georgia’s gummies

We make no apologies for loving gummies that are so cute that even a smallmouth with a strangely narrow jawline could potentially jam a full 20 cubes for a 100mg affair into their mouth at once. Or, in the case of Do Drops, 40 nubs at 2.5 apiece to get the full hundo (we did it, it’s definitely do-able).

We don’t just say that to be cute; rather, we’re at the point where when we are among friends who consume, it’s not unusual to pass around some dosed refreshments or to even have some on the table in a candy dish (assuming it’s a 21+ party). And in those settings, a handful of something Tic Tac-sized can be easier to swallow than more common larger edibles.

There’s also a chance that something much smaller which packs the same punch as a more robust chew would be healthier, on account of the size. But we tried to do the math and since there are more than a thousand comparable SKUs on the market that crisscross the calorie spectrum, we came to no conclusions. 

Needless to say, it wasn’t easy crunching numbers with a tummy full of gummies.

Grandma Georgia’s Gummies 

You shouldn’t necessarily jam a large fistful of Grandma Georgia’s little cubes into your grill, since even just two or three of these mighty marvels will tickle your tongue and dazzle your attic. But if you’re the kind of glutton who really likes squishy candy but is worried about all that goodness clogging up your insides, then maybe throw a couple of these rather sturdy, almost bouncy boxes into your cheek like a chew. We could even see mixing some into a fruit or milk-based concoction like some boba pearls. Most impressively, though they’re smaller than a sugar cube, these petite full-spectrum RSO treats come with clever profiles—Lemon Pound, Apple Turnover, Cherry Cola—that make you say, Holy shit, that really does taste like that thing it is supposed to taste like! 

Do Drops

This is the third year that Holistic Industries has put out the Flavors of Pride edition of these go-tos to benefit LGBTQ causes, and in enjoying some we realized how truly unique they are. Kaleidoscopic micro jellies that are slightly softer than your grandma’s gumdrops, they’re nevertheless firmer than most gummies we gobble. Grab a bag of their Pride drops while they are still around, but if you missed them go for any of the others, from lemon to sour blue raspberry.

Joy Bombs

As we have raved before, the rainbow candy-inspired collaboration between Salisbury’s Root & Bloom and the Colorado-based Joyibles yields Joy Bombs that “are precisely dosed with 2.5mg THC in each bite-sized piece,” with a full bag packing 40 pieces for a total “THC bang” of 100mg. We were already smitten with the Original Fruit Joy Bombs coming in strawberry, lemon, fruit punch, and grape, but the Sour Fruit bags holding green apple, pink lemonade, blue raspberry, and watermelon made us dedicated, salivating fans with a bundle always on-hand. A joy right down to how they melt in your anticipating palm, we like to pass a bag or two around at parties and watch people pucker up.